Ian WolfIan Wolf is the editor of OnTheBox. He is feature writer par excellence, writing “The Beginner’s Guide to Anime” column. He spends most of his time going up to people, shouting: “Stop watching your bloody awful reality TV and look at this!” Also works for MyM Magazine, Anime UK News and the British Comedy Guide.

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 Gareth HargreavesGareth writes for OTB out of the goodness of his heart because it beats talking to himself about what’s on the box. Nobody else will listen to him, anyway! Gareth is the type of person you dread sitting next to when there is one seat left on the bus.

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 Eloise Craven-ToddEloise is a journalist with a particular interest in lifestyle and culture. Whether its human behaviour and travel or food, fashion and design – I want to talk about it..


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 Laurence GreenLaurence Green is theatre and film critic whose musings are far too good for OTB. When he’s not at the Menier, National or the Old Vic, Laurence binges on film screenings around the West End.


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 SofieSophie Hall is a freelance writer and a professional – *mumbles incoherently*. She aspires to be a comedy writer along the same ilk as a female Graham Linehan and is willing to have major surgery in order to facilitate that.She has written for places such as Time Out London and Celebrity Big Brother, where she met Claire from Steps and penetrated other important professional spheres.

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 NickNick Arthur was once the head honcho at OTB but then found a zen-like state of entertainment fulfilment that didn’t involve leading the editorial direction, harassing PRs into giving us shiny competition prizes and exclusives, and beating the writers.


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