Film of the Day – Braven


Jason Momoa and Stephen Lang star as a father-son duo, Joe and Linden Braven, who fall afoul of a ruthless drug-trafficking operation when they travel out into a remote piece of wilderness for a hunting trip. Momoa and Lang’s characters are menaced by a supporting cast of mercenaries and bandits including Garrett Dilahunt’s ruthless drug-lord Kassen and his right-hand man Hallett, played by Zahn McLarnon. Rounding off the cast, Jill Wagner and Sasha Rosoff play Joe’s wife and daughter respectively.

After deciding to spend some bonding time with his father by organising a hunting trip to their remote cabin in the woods, Joe Braven arrives to find the families’ cabin filled with cocaine and surrounded by a drug-trafficking ring. When one of the traffickers is picked up and detained by a police patrol car, the leader of their group, Klassen, jumps to conclusions and locks the traffickers and Braven family in a bitter standoff. Armed with only a hunting bow and a gun, the Bravens find themselves in a life-or-death situation with no escape, no cell-phone signal and their hopes of survival quickly dwindling.


Braven – Saturday 9:40pm on Sky Premiere.