Film of the Day – Brigsby Bear

Brisgby Bear

Sheltered from the outside world with an educational children’s TV programme his only connection to the wider world, James’ life is turned on its head one day after his parents are arrested and he is taken into custody. What comes next changes his life forever. The brain child of Kyle Mooney, Kevin Costello and Dave McCary, Brigsby Bear stars Mark Hamill, Andy Samberg and Greg Kinnear, while Mooney himself takes on the lead role as James.

After his parents are arrested and he is taken into custody, James – a young adult whose sheltered childhood has seriously impacted his development and given him an unhealthy obsession with a children’s show he used to watch – has his entire knowledge of life challenged when he is taken away from his underground home into the wider world. Having been told that the people he had been living with had actually kidnapped him as a baby and raised him as their own, James must adapt to a new family, new world and a new life.

But despite his new parents’ best efforts, James clings to the only thing about his past he remembers – Brigsby Bear – and he sets about on an incredible mission to see his beloved childhood bear brought to life once again.


Brigsby Bear – Thursday 8:00pm on Sky Cinema (Select).