Film of the Day – Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Directorial double-act Jeremy Dyson and Andy Ryman, after directing the chilling horror story on stage for almost a decade, take Ghost Stories from stage to screen in this 2018 adaptation of their original source material. As well as co-directing the piece, Ryman stars as Professor Phillip Goodman – a TV personality and paranormal-sceptic who is enlisted by his ailing childhood idol into solving three seemingly inexplicable “ghost stories” – and is supported by a talented cast including stellar performances from Martin Freeman, Alex Lawther and Paul Whitehouse.

Well-known professor and devout paranormal-sceptic Phillip Goodman is summoned by his childhood idol – a paranormal investigator named Charles Cameron – to a remote caravan site out in the countryside. There Goodman is challenged by an ailing Cameron to investigate three separate ghost stories which he simply cannot explain. The first takes the professor to an abandoned asylum for the story of a night watchman, Tony Matthews. Unnerved but undeterred he carries on to an occult-obsessed teenager, Simon Rifkind, and finally to a troubled financier, finding his every belief challenged along the way.

Ghost Stories – Available on Sky Store as of Monday 27th of August.