Film of the Day – Mother!


Unsettling, intriguing and open to all sorts of interpretations, Darren Aronofsky’s psychological horror, Mother! is as divisive as it is thought-provoking. Aronofsky elicits strong performances from a talented cast including Javier Bardem, Jennifer Laurence and Ed Harris which, along with the film’s natural ambiguity and almost psychedelic plot, helps make this a modern masterpiece.

The film begins with “Him”, a celebrated writer, who lives in a decrepit scorched house with his partner, Mother. Him takes a crystal into his study, places it upon a pedestal and suddenly finds the house transforming into an idyllic suburban home. Against the will of Mother, Him allows a desperate stranger, Man, into their home and after fanatics of former’s work come flocking to the house, the couple’s edenic existence is plunged into horror and chaos.

Mother! – Saturday 10:00pm on Sky Cinema (Selects).