Film of the Day – Rampage


The beloved 80s arcade game, Rampage, gets the Hollywood treatment in Brad Peyton’s 2018 sci-fi action flick of the same name. Revolving around a botched bioengineering experiment in orbit which sees three canisters of a gene-mutating pathogen fall across the American wilderness, the film stays true to its source material while giving it a modern CGI facelift. Dwayne Johnson stars as a former-marine-turned-primatologist, Davis Okoye, and is joined by James Bond’s Naomie Harris and The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

After three canisters of a chemical mutagen are scattered across America, three creatures – a wolf, Ralph, a crocodile, Lizzie, and an albino gorilla, George – inadvertently have their genes changed, transforming them into enormous, aggressive monsters. Davis Okoye – a former marine who had saved George from poachers a few years before and subsequently befriended him – is forced to work with a government agent and one of the scientists who created the chemical in order to stop the weaponisation of the creatures, save Chicago and ultimately save the life of his friend once again.


Rampage – Available on Sky Store as of Monday 20th of August.