Film of the Day – Sicario


Sicario revolves around the age-old moral question: do the ends justifies the means and how far is too far? Emily Blunt and Daniel Kaluuya star as the two FBI agents who, eager to bring the Sonora cartel to justice after witnessing their atrocities first-hand, join up with a special joint-operations task force led by Josh Brolin’s Matt Graver and the enigmatic Alejandro Gillick – played by Benicio Del Toro.

When a raid on a Sonora cartel safehouse in Arizona uncovers a mass grave and leaves two of their colleagues dead, agents Kate Macey and Reggie Wayne decide to work alongside a CIA-led joint-operations task force to bring those responsible to justice.When the team’s actions force Macey and Wayne to question the legality of their actions and as they’re expendability to their superiors starts to show, the two FBI agents find themselves questioning who the real enemy is.

Sicario – Saturday 9:00pm on Film 4.