Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2

Anochorman 2: Still classy?

Time-wasting car chases. Stories on kinky sex and cute animals, weathercasters standing in the middle of hurricanes and extremists yelling at each other. Who was the idiot that came up with 24-hour news, anyway?

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Ron Burgundy.

When we last saw the blow-dried TV star, it was the sunny ’70s in San Diego. Now it’s ’80s Manhattan, and while he’s still trying to stay classy, he has a new challenge ahead of him — heal his wounds after a bad breakup, and meet a new challenge on cable news. Can he do it? He can once he gets the old team back.

Like Ron, star Will Ferrell smartly reunited the team, beginning with his fellow newsmen — playboy reporter Paul Rudd, sportscaster David Koechner and Steve Carell, as the weatherman. A sequel without the old team would have surely been doomed to fail.

Nearly ten years after the first film the clueless anchorman stuff was never going to have the fresh edge it once did. Some of the film’s quirks and –isms have less punch than the first time round and the film was at its best, actually, when it put the TV stuff to one side and just sailed off on weird tangents.

Like a mad melodramatic segment where an ill Ron goes off to live in a lighthouse, and rediscovers the meaning of life by nursing a baby shark back to health. Or Carell’s desperately surreal stab at romance with an even loonier Kristen Wiig.

The movie swings from the downright hilarious to the predictable, tiresome clichés. The movie even recycles the great fight from the first film in which various network teams rumble. This time round Ron’s team face off against “Entertainment Tonight” co-hosts (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler), the BBC brigade (led by Sacha Baron Cohen) and a History Channel team (commanded by Liam Neeson) that even includes a minotaur.

If you enjoyed the film the first time round, the sequel will, in parts, have you in stitches. The question that remains to be answered is, how quickly will this film become old news?


Anchorman 2 is out now