When a young British-Muslim girl forms a relationship with a Punjabi boy, her family does everything in their power to stop the shame brought to their family. Even if it means ending the girl’s life. Mona, the female protagonist, disobeys her family and their practices in multiple ways, but her new boyfriend is the final discord that sets her family off to seek vengeance for her action. After the family’s own failed attempt to finish her off, they hire a bounty hunter to capture and murder the Mona.

Capturing a controversial yet significant social issue , director Shan Khan artistically tells the unfortunately common story of women who fall subject to “honour killings”, an act performed by families who feel that their name has become disgraced. Using a thriller format allows the film to not only depict the attempt on Mona’s life but also give it an interesting twist. Mona’s fate is constantly changing in unexpected ways, particularly by the man pursuing her.

Played by Aiysha Hart, Mona is impressively strong-willed and fearless throughout the harrowing events she experiences. Whether preparing to fight back for her life or returning the animosity towards her siblings, Mona doesn’t lose her sense of character. Mona’s strong performance is complemented by the outwardly tough and inwardly sensitive bounty hunter, played by Paddy Considine. Both Hart’s and Considine’s performances make the story all the more convincing and genuine.

In the end, Honour thoughtfully portrays an inhumane cultural custom that would otherwise be presented with just as much close-mindedness.


Honour is available on DVD 28th April