How Do You Know Review: Why Should We Care?


Witherspoon300HOW DO YOU KNOW (12A): On General Release Friday 28th January

Jack Nicholson won two of his three Oscars under the directorial gaze of James L Brooks (Terms Of Endearment in 1984 and As Good As It Gets in 1994) , so seeing them together again on the same bill piques a little bit of interest even if the instantly forgettable title doesn’t. Unfortunately, Jack’s given very little to do and the rest of How Do You Know’s cast fail to inject any charm into a soporifically dull script.

It centres on Lisa (Reese Witherspoon), the popular and feisty star the USA women’s softball team. When she’s unexpectedly dropped from the squad, she has to re-prioritise her life and becomes reluctantly caught in a love-triangle with narcissistic womanizing professional baseball player Matty (Owen Wilson) and George (Paul Rudd), a nice-guy banker who is nevertheless being wrongfully indicted for fraud.

How Do You Know simply isn’t funny. Every scene goes on for far too long and continues long after any momentum has passed (if there was any in the first place). None of the characters are believable and the dialogue is so stiff that the film lacks any kind of emotional punch come the conclusion. Not that any character gets to utter more than a few lines without being interrupted by a phone call; everyone spends more time with a handset glued to their ear hole than Colin Farrell did in Phone Booth.

This adds up to a bladder-challenging two hour movie which is at least half an hour too long by the rom-com stopwatch, especially when the laughs are spread so thinly. Credit where credit’s due though and Owen Wilson’s character does elicit a few laughs, even if his oblivious himbo schtick is decidedly one-note and Witherspoon tries hard even if she’s given little to work with. Elsewhere, Paul Rudd is his usual likable self but his passiveness comes across more as wet and irritating than endearing or cute. In fact, I’m starting to worry about Rudd – likable as he is, he’s in danger of wearing out his welcome if he continues with his recent string of appalling movies (2009’s Year One and 2010’s catatonically awful Dinner For Schmucks).

When Jack does make an appearance, it’s as George’s unscrupulous banker father. It’s a good role for Nicholson whose shark-like grin always gives the impression that he’s gotten away with something despicable but he’s given very little screen time and so barely gets into his groove.

How Do You Know is a poorly written and terribly paced rom-com with none of the zip and sparkle that you’d expect from a cast of this calibre. It reportedly cost $120 million, a staggering amount for a romantic comedy and grossed $7.6 million on its opening weekend making it one of the biggest flops in recent memory. It seems that the American viewing public have already voted with their wallets and I’d urge you to do the same. Avoid.