Kicks Review: Own Goal


kicks300x210KICKS: On Limited Release From Friday 4th June

We’ve all had teenage crushes and at some point thought to ourselves that if we could only meet the object of our misplaced affection, we could make them love us.

After much crying and angsty journal writing, we all grew up and realised how childish our desires were. Kicks is a darker take on teenage fantasies and acts out what might really happen if two girls got their hands on the one man they’ve spent their youth obsessing over.

Nicole (Kerrie Hayes) is a lonely, awkward teenager who finds a friend in Jasmine, a wannabe WAG who shares Nicole’s obsession with Liverpool footballer, Lee Cassidy (Jamie Doyle). The pair spend their time mildly stalking Lee at nightclubs but are devestated when they hear that he’s transferring overseas to another team.

When they finally get to meet him, they use their womanly wiles to convince Lee to hang out with them at a caravan which the girls have turned into their own private getaway. But things soon get out of hand and they end up holding him hostage in an effort to convince him to stay.

The whole project is like a launching pad for several careers: Lindy Heymann makes her directorial debut with a script by newcomer Leigh Campbell while Nichola Burley and Kerrie Hayes impress with low-key, emotional performances.

During the first half hour, the setup seems interesting and Nicole is laced with a repressed sexuality that the rest of the movie quickly abandons in favour of amor fou and typical teen obsession. Despite a sometimes one-dimensional script, Hayes and Burley do a great job at keeping up the tension while Jamie Doyle is left with almost nothing to do but get tied up and receive a lapdance from Burley.

The final scenes in the caravan are anti-climactic, lacking character resolution and were ultimately disappointing, but as a whole, the film does provide some insight into the current climate of WAGs and fame mad teenagers. Keep an eye out for the two great female leads and the director in future.