Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible 1

As I get older and my brain cells slowly decide to move on to greener pastures, I’m often drawn to movie blockbusters. I’ve long past subtitled films, art-y flicks, and indie think pieces. So I’m hoping this explains my enthusiasm for the Mission: Impossible films – only the first and the last one (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol). They’re fun, fast and something else beginning with f (brain cells).

In the latest instalment, the IMF (Impossible Missions Force) has been disbanded by the government, led by the CIA (Alec Baldwin). This isn’t very inconvenient as Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is tracking the Syndicate (an anti-IMF) and has finally made some progress. As the CIA chases Hunt, Hunt chases the Syndicate and its mysterious leader. Before long the team are back together to collectively ‘go rogue’ (that should be the title of the next film: Mission: Impossible – Going Rogue).

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is unapologetically over the top and stuffed with self-confidence. Throw in some cool gadgets, extravagant locations and it fulfils what it says on the tin, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. You should never take these types of films seriously, which is easy – as Alec Baldwin’s character at one point describes Hunt as being “the embodiment of destiny”.

The supporting cast is well-balanced; Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg are back, and Ving Rhames finally gets a bigger role this time around. But don’t forget, this is still a Tom Cruise vehicle. 30 seconds in and he’s hanging from a plane 5,000 feet in the air (semi-spoiler alert) – this movie is packed with action and desperate to entertain.

In the bathroom after the movie, I stood at the urinal next to a guy who was humming the Mission: Impossible theme tune under his breath – “bum bum bum-bum bum bum”, and that’s a good review as any.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation in theatres now.