Nightmare On Elm Street Review: Again?


elmstreet300NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (18): On General Release Friday 7th May

In the recent race to reprise film franchises that had prudently been laid to rest, we thought that Rocky and Rambo were way ahead of the rest of the field. How naive can one movie writer be though? All told, this is the ninth film in the Nightmare On Elm Street collection – just to put that into perspective, it now outstrips Police Academy.

If Hollywood execs are a bit short of imagination they are certainly not short of front, instead of going to the half-arsed effort of dreaming up another tenuous sequel, they have instead decided to simply go back to square one and remake the original film. Lazy b******s.

So under the pretence of “introducing a great character to a new generation of cinemagoers” Freddy Krueger is getting another run at the teenagers of Elm Street, Ohio. This was going to have to be very special to keep the cynics at bay and sadly it feels every inch the regurgitated slash-fest that it is.

For those who don’t know the plot to this one, it concerns a group of high-school kids who are systematically murdered by an undead and nasty looking individual who bears some resemblence to Angelica Huston in The Witches. Freddy Krueger is a blade-handed psychotic who feeds off their fear and kills them horribly when they fall asleep, which explains why most of the petrified kids are swigging Red Bull like there’s no tomorrow.

Complete with electronically gruffed up voice, Jackie Earle Haley is a good fit as the deformed antagonist and the director works all the usual horror devices with competency. As expected, the dreamscapes are invigorated by modern CGI and the film gathers some pace towards the end when we learn some of the serial killers backstory, yet despite a few frights here and there, we are never truly moved by this rehash.