Room 1

One aspect of filmmaking, perhaps one of the most important aspects, is the chemistry between the leads of the film. Without this, a project can be doomed to failure. In Room, this crucial element is overwhelmingly present, and brings a story of love and survival to life.

Based on the novel by Emma Donoghue, who also wrote the screenplay, Room follows the lives of Ma (Brie Larson) and her five-year-old son Jack (Jacob Tremblay), as they are held in a squalid shed which they call “Room”. We see the experiences of Jack as he ventures out of Room for the first time, to a range of new experiences, and the struggles of Ma as she tries to adjust to life again in the real world, after seven years of being held captive.

Room is nothing short of brilliant. The on-screen pairing of Larson and Tremblay is both emotional and loving, as we see both faced with life outside. Larson especially has great range at revealing the emotions of her character as time passes, as we follow a tense and sometimes harrowing story of survival. Room is undoubtedly an emotional film, bringing all that is crucial to create the perfect drama.

The supporting cast includes Joan Allen and William H. Macy as the parents of Ma, and Sean Bridgers as the person holding them captive. The story is told is through the eyes of Ma and Jack, so everything we see if from their interactions with others and their experiences of the freedom they now have. Most importantly, their relationship and the bond between mother and son is played out beautifully on screen.

Brie Larson deservedly won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance, but why was Jacob Tremblay not nominated? With the clear talent that Tremblay possesses, it is unlikely to be long before we see his brilliant acting skills again on film.

With a script from the original author, and the directing style of Lenny Abrahamson, Room is beautiful, emotional, and a simply outstanding piece of cinema. Room is markedly the best film of 2015.

Room will be released on DVD on 9th May 2016.