Spotlight 1

The critically acclaimed Spotlight took away the most prestigious prize from the 2015 Award Season; Academy Award for Best Picture. In my view, Room was the best film of 2015, although Spotlight is not far behind.

The film follows a group of investigative journalists, working for the Boston Globe, as they uncover the widespread issue of child abuse by the Roman Catholic church within the Boston area. Based on true events, we see the ‘Spotlight’ team research and write the stories of those involved and affected by child abuse, and how delving into the subject matter begins to affect the team and their own lives.

The ‘Spotlight’ team is made up of Matt (Brian d’Arcy James), Walter (Michael Keaton), Sacha (Rachel McAdams), Michael (Mark Ruffalo) and Ben (John Slattery), with Marty (Liev Schreiber) as their editor. As such, there is no lead actor in the film, although both McAdams and Ruffalo were nominated for the Best Supporting role at the Academy Awards. The strongest aspect of the film is the cast, and how they perfectly hold the film together as a team.

Spotlight is an engrossing and entertaining film, which relies heavily on the dialogue to give a detailed account of the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation by the Boston Globe team. On release, the film was meet with acclaim from critics and audiences, but unsurprisingly, was met with hostility from the Catholic church. The film is not anti-Catholic in intent, but is portraying a sensitive, and still present aspect within the Catholic church.

Spotlight is a perfectly watchable drama, with its slick screenplay and tight cast. The subject matter is a difficult one, which the film tackles well, managing to tell the story and convey the emotions of what is happening, by bringing it to the forefront of the screen. Although not always easy viewing, Spotlight is certainly one of the better films to come out of 2015.

Spotlight will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 23rd May 2016.