Step Up: All In

Step Up: All In

Closely following the events of its predecessor, Step Up Revolution, the latest installment in the Step Up franchise, this time titled, Step Up: All In, brings back Ryan Guzman as Sean, the lead dancer for an up and coming crew called, the Mob. Unfortunately for the Mob, things haven’t gone as well as they would like in Los Angeles, and they decide to hedge their bets and return to sunny Miami, Florida. But Sean, who still thinks he has a chance at dance stardom, opts to stay in Los Angeles to continue his pursuit as a solo performer.

Sean struggles to stay afloat, going so far as to take a janitorial position at a local dance studio. But Sean quickly notices the talented dancers at the studio, and puts together a new crew to compete in Las Vegas at The Vortex. Things turn personal when Sean discovers that his old crew, The Mob, is also in the competition. And from there the rest is history.

There isn’t a lot to be said about the latest edition to a franchise that arguably created one of the world’s biggest movie stars, Channing Tatum. Step Up: All In is at its best when it’s dancing, and only dancing. Without a front man like Tatum in its cast, the film lacks the charm of the original but it knows it too and for that I must give it credit. Step Up features some pretty mind-blowing dance choreography, resembling something more of a concert film than a dramatic narrative.

If anything, Step Up needs more dancing. To be perfectly frank, I would almost rather watch a ninety-minute dance battle, sans plot, and especially sans dialogue, than watch the film limp through its narrative plotline. The film, directed by music video director, Trish Sie, seems to be right in line with her previous work. But give Step Up credit for one thing, it knows exactly what it is, and it has no problem with that and neither should you. Just don’t go in expecting much.

Step Up: All In debuts on DVD December 1 2014