The Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

If I were to describe The Office Christmas Party in four words… ‘The Hangover’ meets Christmas.

A different approach to the generic festive films that hit the box office around this time of year, The Office Christmas party, although rather farfetched and unrealistic, is filled with snappy one-liners and had me laughing in the face of its absurdity.

As for the plot line, a business in trouble – caught up in a sibling rivalry between Carol (Jennifer Aniston) and Clay (T.J. Miller) – hatch an outrageous plan to sign a new client by throwing the ‘best office Christmas party ever’. Filled with excessive drinking and inappropriate behaviour between drunk colleagues, what could possibly go wrong?

With the help of his faithful partners Josh (Jason Bateman) and Tracy (Olivia Munn), Clay manages to pull off the party of the year, all the while demolishing everything else the company has worked for.

Although the plot is messy and I honestly lost the point of the story towards to end, the motion is highly entertaining – the type perhaps best enjoyed when nursing your own hangover?

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The Office Christmas Party, released nationwide 7 December 2016