The Switch Review: Switched Up…


switch300THE SWITCH (12A): On General Release Wednesday 1st September

If I’m honest, the prospect of watching The Switch didn’t fill me with much anticipation. And if I’m honest, the reality of watching said film was also pretty underwhelming. Oh, it wasn’t awful. If I had nothing else to do in the world then maybe I would watch it again. But that’s about as far as it goes.

We begin with Kassie (played by Jennifer Aniston). Of course she is a lonely career woman, desperately longing to have a child but with no decent man in sight to, ahem, fulfil her desires. Obviously she is blind to the charms of her best friend Wally (Jason Bateman) who is (again obviously) secretly in love with her. Soon Kassie decides she can’t wait around to find a decent bloke and instead remembers that these days, sisters are doing it for themselves. She opts for artificial insemination, which Wally highly disapproves of.

At her ‘getting pregnant party’ (what?) Wally drunkenly switches the sperm of hunky donor Roland (Patrick Wilson) with his own. All is dandy until Kassie and Wally meet again seven years later. Rather than being a sporty, cool, mini Roland, Kassie’s sprog is more like the neurotic, precocious, and aptly named, Wally. What on earth will come of this drama? Who will Kassie choose: best friend Wally or pretty but dumb Roland? I don’t think you really need to watch the movie to work that one out do you?

Despite the clichéd storyline and obvious conclusion, one of the main gripes I had with this movie was how ludicrous the plot actually was. Seven years after switching the sperm (and living in alcohol induced, blissful ignorance ever since) Wally suddenly remembers that, oh wait – he did switch the sperm and the kid is his! Hmmmm.
The ‘getting pregnant party’ – in which donor Roland dresses up as a Viking whilst Kassie takes herself off to impregnate herself (mid-party) is also an issue. Does anyone actually do this? And, to be honest, it’s no wonder the poor kid turns out so f***ed up if this is how he was conceived.

And this takes me onto my final point. Whilst the kid, Sebastian, is incredibly cute, a hypochondriac six year old who likes to dedicate his birthday parties to dying dogs is kind of, well, creepy, and again, pretty unbelievable.

As I previously said, this movie wasn’t totally awful. There are some funny one-liners (“she wouldn’t know good sperm if it hit her in the face” tickled me the most). However, its lack of originality and unbelievable plot-line lets it down. Just about okay – at best.