The Ugly Truth Review: The Lie’s Not So Pretty Either

THE UGLY TRUTH: On General Release Friday 7th August 2009

News flash: men and women are different!

You run and tell the neighbours while I alert the media!

Gerard Butler is chauvinistic TV personality, Mike, and Katherine Heigl is tightly wound TV producer, Abby.

When Mike is hired by Abby’s station and winds up taking over her show, she enlists him to help her get with her gorgeous neighbour, Colin. These characters are classic screwball ones and that’s just what the movie felt like: a wacky screwball comedy but with none of the class. This movie is American Pie for 30 year olds, which sounds good if you enjoyed American Pie but you may as well go re-watch that than see The Ugly Truth.

There are no surprises here and we should leave the battle of the sexes to be fought by those who know what they’re doing; Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.

Look, we’ve been here before and we know what’s gonna go down. They’re gonna end up together. I’m not spoiling it for you, you already knew it; it’s how they get there that matters. The humour is spread pretty thickly but the romance is in short supply, so when the inevitable does happen, we don’t care that much.

Heigl is both funny and sexy, which is no surprise to anyone who saw her in Knocked Up, but unfortunately she’s shows nothing new here except a poor attempt at slapstick. At points it feels like the writers (who were women by the way!) were just trying to see how many naughty words they could get Heigl to say. We’re hoping she won’t get lost in the land of romcoms because she’s actually talented and we don’t want her to wind up like little Miss Ryan. Maybe Sandra Bullock should have stayed away from them for a little while too.

We knew Butler could do action and drama and of course he’s gorgeous, but now we know he can deliver the funny; a tip of the hat to you, sir. You forgive Butler for everything his character says, because let’s face it, everyone loves a bad boy. Butler is fearless with the things he’s asked to do; slapping Heigl’s bum, being totally vulgar and swimming in jelly with models. I’m pretty sure that this is the best job he’s ever had. Or is ever going to have.

Stealing every scene they’re in are the supporting cast. Cheryl Hines of Curb Your Enthusiasm is a corker as news anchor, Georgia. She’s undersexed and underappreciated and her chemistry with her co-anchor and onscreen husband, Larry (John Michael Higgins), is brilliant. They have only a few scenes but they’re more pleasant to watch than most of Heigl and Butler’s.

Also in a small but golden turn is Heigl’s assistant, Joy, played by Bree Turner; dryhumping the air when she sees how hot Colin is.

You’ll laugh out loud for a lot of things in this movie even though you won’t want to. It’s crude, rude and classless.

On the flipside, it’s very sexual, laugh out loud in parts and utterly cringe worthy in others.

Emily Moulder