Preview – Dad’s Army

Dad's Army

Toby Jones and Michael Gambon star in this 2016 film-adaptation of the beloved british comedy series, Dad’s Army. Set after the events depicted in the original series’ nine-year tenure, the film centers on the efforts of the home guard platoon for Walmington-on Sea who must work quickly to end a conspiracy when they are notified of a nazi spy operating in the coastal town.

The film takes place in the summer of 1944, preceding the Normandy landings by a few days. The Walmington-on-sea home guard are suffering from a lack of recognition until a glamorous journalist arrives in town to get the inside story on their invaluable work.The platoon is thrust into action, however, when their captain, Mainwaring, receives word of master spy working out of the town.


Dad’s Army – 8:30pm on ITV.