Preview – Prometheus


Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace lead a star-studded cast in this 2012 prequel to the original Alien films which sees a group of intrepid scientists travel out to the darkest recesses of the galaxy to discover humanity’s true origins. Idris Elba becomes the captain of the ship the scientists use – The Prometheus – while Logan Marshall Green and Charlize Theron play archeaologist Charlie Holloway and the expedition’s overseer, Vickers, respectively.

After discovering a star-chart which resembles those found amongst the artifacts of a number of ancient civilisations, two archeologists are approached by the aging CEO of the Weyland corportation who offers to fund an expedition out to the distant moon referenced in the maps. Believing they will find definitive answers to humanity’s origins, the two archeologists enlist a team of expert scientists to join the expedition hoping to either verify humanity’s religious belief on their beginnings or debunk them forever. However, neither the researchers or their crew are prepared to uncover the unimaginable horrors that await them as they land.


Prometheus – Saturday 9:00pm on E4.