2012 Exclusive Clip – LA Goes Bye Bye

Roland Emmerich is what you’d call slightly ‘iffy’ when it comes to big budget spectaculars.

No-one can deny the unfettered, timeless genius of Independence Day, Stargate and… erm… Universal Soldier.

But in recent years 10,000BC and Godzilla are what the polite movie critic would call a slight misstep.

His upcoming BLOW THE CRAP OUT OF THE WORLD action movie 2012 – which explores what could really happen if the world ends in December 2012 as the uncannily specific Mayan calendar would have us believe – had us on the fence. Until we saw this clip.

Holy Balls. With this much mindless destruction, we’ll happily sit through hackneyed dialogue and pants ‘characterisation. Hold onto your seats.

2012 will open in cinemas everywhere across the UK from Friday 13th November 2009