5 Board Games That Could Be Movies

Battleship proved that your board game needn’t have a plot or narrative to make a halfway-decent film. Or at least that anything can be rendered awesome with infinite amounts of AC/DC. But wait, what other board games are there that could potentially be made into films? And who could direct them?

Monopoly’s already in the works with Ridley Scott at the helm (in which hopefully a chest-burster punctures Mr. Monopoly’s ribcage in King’s Cross station), Rock Em Sock Em Robots was given life as Reel Steel and Jumanji…isn’t a real game.

1. Snakes And Ladders

Let’s face it, if Snakes On A Plane can be a movie, there’s no reason whatsoever that Snakes And Ladders can’t be. A group of college students are trapped in a devious three dimensional maze.

The only way out is to climb a series of ladders which link the levels, but their escape is impeded by a brood of snakes that have been dispatched by a megalomaniacal super-villain to keep them captive. Like Cube, but with snakes instead of acid and razor-wire.

Director: Vincenzo Natali

2. Hungry Hungry Hippos

An action destruct-em-up in which a group of genetically engineered giant hippopotamuses escape during a transfer to New York Zoo resulting in urban chaos. The only things that can placate their ravenous hunger and prevent them scarfing down the city’s landmarks them are football-sized tablets.

But the only way to get them to swallow their medicine is for paratroopers to repeatedly airdrop on their heads.

Director: Roland Emmerich

3. Risk

A historical action epic in which massive armies square off against each other for no reason at all other than conquest, a world in which Australia is the most tactically valuable territory and where there’s an actual reason to invade Greenland.

It features a conclusion in which the commanders of the opposing armies can’t agree on the terms of a treaty and stalk off to separate areas of room and refuse to speak to each other for hours, eventually causing a cessation of all hostilities due to boredom and frustration.

Director: Peter Jackson

4. Downfall

It’s got nothing in common with the last days of Hitler pic of the same name. No, it’s an Indiana Jones-style adventure in which an archaeologist must gain entrance to an ancient tomb by manipulating a series of interlocking stone wheels. But one wrong move could see him splattered into strawberry jam. It’s just the hit that Brendan Fraser needs and let’s face it, it’s going to be better than Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

Director: Stephen Sommers


5. Werner Herzog’s Scrabble

Narrated by Werner Herzog, Scrabble follows a depressed marginalised factory worker who finds solace in arranging lines of seven plastic tiles which spell out obscure words. Herzog believes that by analysing the relative worth of the letters, he can delve deeper into the very nature of man’s psyche and the daily existential struggle that affects us all.

Director: Werner Herzog

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