Beware The Curse Of The Oscar!

oscarcurse300x210With this weekend’s Oscars looming, we couldn’t help but wonder who would be suffering from the infamous Oscar curse after this year’s ceremony.

Some industry figures start to make terrible decisions after they get their hands on a golden baldy. That’s not to say that they never make a good movie again, but there are more clunkers on their CV than there should be.

Let’s take a look back at those who have been afflicted by this terrible curse.


Sometimes you hear an actor’s name and you can’t help thinking, ‘whatever happened to them?’ Well after winning an Oscar for Jerry Maguire, Cuba Gooding Jr. is currently shouting ‘Show me the money!’ to his agent as he seems to be doing a lot of paycheck jobs. The passable ones are Instinct, Men of Honour and American Gangster, but he must have been really strapped for cash when he agreed to be in Norbit.

Let’s have a look at him when he was still on top.


You gotta feel bad for Martin Scorsese. Not only did he not win an Oscar for years and years but his gangster masterpiece Goodfellas was beayen at the 1991 Oscars by one of Costner’s few gems, Dances With Wolves.

In the mid-to-late nineties, when the romance had faded, Costner began churning out boring dramas and misguided epics. Waterworld anyone? He recently clawed back some respect with Mr. Brooks but is it too little too late?


After the squinty faced actress won the gold for Cold Mountain she let herself down with a series of lacklustre performances in mediocre movies. She was nommed twice for Chicago and Bridget Jones’ Diary, so what happened? Bet she wishes that Patricia Clarkson had beaten her in best supporting actress in 2004, maybe she’d be the one with the curse.

Down With Love was truly dire and the less said about New In Town, the better. Let’s look back at better times.


In 1993, Marisa Tomei gave a great performance in My Cousin Vinny but was up against Miranda Richardson, Joan Plowright and Vanessa ‘I’m a legend’ Redgrave in the running for a gong. When the big moment arrived, her moment of glory was marred by rumours that the announcer, Jack Palance, had read out the wrong name and was too embarassed/drunk to correct himself.

Tomei had to work twice as hard for years to claw her way back to the top. Nine years and 16 films later she did it with a nom for In The Bedroom. Here she is with Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler, for which she was also nominated.


Halle was the first black woman to ever win a best actress Oscar and deservedly so for her performance in Monster’s Ball. After that she was an annoying Bond girl in Die Another Day, a basketcase in lazy thriller Gothika and then along came Catwoman. Which sucked.

But she showed she was a good sport about it all when she won a Razzie award and actually showed up to collect it.


Nowadays, Gwynie spends her time giving out domestic advice on her website when she’s not assisting Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man series. But back in 1998 she won ann Oscar for Shakespeare In Love and followed up that success with only a handful of good films amongst a lot of rubbish ones. Duets, Bounce and View From The Top were all flops and it wasn’t until 2005 that she started getting noticed again.

Here she is telling Johnathan Ross how she got involved in Iron Man.