Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Interview: Holly And Amy

Holly and Amy were the latest hopefuls to be eliminated from Britain and Ireland’s next Top Model yesterday. OTB chatted to them about their time in the competition, the widening divide between the girls in the house, and also balloon animals and crazy cakes.

Hi girls, how are you both?

Both: We’re good thanks, how are you?

I’m not so bad… So Amy, I get the impression that this was a tough week for you?

Amy: Yeah, I didn’t feel really comfortable on the ballet shoot. I was nervous but trying not to show it in my expression. I do admit though that I probably looked a bit terrified, kind of like a dead Barbie.

Could you have anything differently do you think?

Amy: I think that I could have been a bit more comfortable in myself. Every week I have tried my hardest to prove that I do want it, but I don’t think the ballet shoot was really suited to me as I’m not very good at relaxing. With the band, I didn’t want to lie to them, I wanted to be dead honest about things and truthful to myself even though I did feel a bit stupid [about that fact she didn’t know who band The Wanted were]. The band members were being rather tough on us, but I suppose it did make good TV. I did say it [“I don’t know who you areâ€?] sarcastically though- people who don’t know me will think I’m stupid whereas people who do know me will think it’s hilarious.

And Holly,  how did you find this week’s challenge and photo-shoot?

Holly: I think I struggled a bit and felt quite awkward. I think I was overanalysing everything, thinking about what the judges have said previously and concentrating on the way I looked and how I moved body and my face. I was just distracted from too many things and I didn’t feel very comfortable either, and I think that shows in my picture. I enjoyed the interview with The Wanted, despite being a little bit nervous to begin with, but after a while I think I really got into it. It’s all about thinking on the spot and being quick with your words- I really enjoyed it!

The atmosphere in the house comes across as really tense- would you both say there’s a divide?

Holly: Um, yeah, definitely. I think Anastasija and Juste have paired themselves off for whatever reason, I don’t know if they think they’re stronger or that they think the other girls don’t want to be their friends, which is not the case. I’m not sure why they have decided to go off with each other, but I got on well with the two of them while I was in the house. From what I’ve seen now though, Anastasija is not somebody that I’d stay in contact with after what she’s said behind the scenes. There was tension between a few of the girls, but I felt quite comfortable in the house.

Staying on the theme of behind the scenes, I’m guessing there’s a lot that us viewers don’t see?

Both: Yes [Both Laugh]

Amy: How it’s edited does show that there’s a bit of a divide but I didn’t notice anything until the last few episodes. I’ve always got on with them, even though I knew that Anastasija perhaps said things to the camera that she didn’t say to our faces, but I didn’t realise that Juste did the same. I was a bit shocked when I saw it, but at the same time if they want to play that game it’s their choice. Everyone else got on really well- a couple of tiffs here and there, but apart from that it was really fun and there were no problems.

When I spoke to Charlie Speed before the series started, he said that often the judges were shocked at how different some of the girls are in the house compared to how they were towards them. Would you agree that some of the girls portray a fake image to the judges?

Holly: Definitely. I think it’s fascinating that Charlie said on twitter last night that it’s interesting how the girls really react when they’re not in front of the judges. I think there are certain girls that definitely portray two different images – one when they’re with the judges and one back in the house.

What do you both think makes a good model?

Holly: I think it’s a bit of everything. You definitely need the look but personality comes into it a lot as well. A client is not going to want to work with someone who is rude or someone who they don’t really get on with. I think it’s a bit of both.

Amy: I’d say the same. I do think personality gets you a long way, but it’s all about good manners really. You have to have the right kind of look and attitude.

What were your favourite moments of the whole experience?

Amy: I really loved meeting all of the girls, judges and guests. I loved traveling to all the locations, and in particular the birds of prey shoot as I’m fascinated by them. So much has happened over the competition, and it’s been an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

Holly: I really enjoyed interviewing The Wanted- that was a great experience, and something that I’d like to pursue further. Also, I was a bit freaked out when I heard about the nude shoot, but really enjoyed it when I got into it. I felt very confident.

I wanted to ask you both a little bit about your hobbies – Holly, I hear you make balloon animals when not modelling?

Holly: [Laughs] It’s not really a hobby, it’s more of a random party trick.

So what would you make me then if I asked for a balloon animal?

Holly: I could make you a dog.

Wow, I may hold you to that. Amy, I hear you make ‘crazy cakes’- could you elaborate slightly more about what this entails?!

Amy: I once made my Dad and step-mum a nine tier cake, with every level a different colour. It was just a sponge cake with jam icing really, but just a bit more extravagant.

What’s next for both of you?

Amy: I’m going to go to some agencies and hopefully get booked somewhere. I’m doing a few photo-shoots for various things over the next weeks and months so hopefully I’ll get some more experience there. I’d also like to do some more styling, which is part of my job that I really enjoy.

Holly: I’m definitely going to continue with the modelling. I’m going to head to the agencies and hopefully someone will take me on. It would great if someone comes up to me if they’ve seen something that they thought was good. I’d really like to do something a bit more commercial, and also maybe interviewing or presenting. But I’ll definitely continue modelling.

Who would you both say is up for the chop next week then?

Holly: I think Tanya should leave next, just because I don’t think she’s got that star quality and I don’t believe she’s a top model. I know judges love to look at the pictures, but I don’t think she’s got what it takes to win the competition.

Amy: I wouldn’t like to comment on this.

Ok… Lastly, who do you think will win the competition?

Amy: I think Jess is amazing, a really interesting look that could bring a lot to the competition.

Holly: I’d love Jade to win the competition. I’m rooting for her as we’ve been close since the boot camp and for the duration of the show. I’d like Jade or Imogen to be in the final.

Thanks for your time girls. I wish you both all the best for the future.

Both: Thank you Nathan, Bye!