Britain’s Got Talent: Escala Interview

Not since Vanessa Mae (aka the violin vixen), has classical music looked so scrumptiously appealing as when played by posh totty like Escala.

You may remember this well-coiffed quartet from last year’s Britain’s Got Talent finals. Now the girls have been picked up by Big Simon’s record label and their debut album is set to be released on the 25th May. (psst – you can try and nab a free copy in our exclusive competition here)

We were lucky enough to catch up with Tasya from the band for a quick chinwag before she jetted off to a secret location for hair flinging, foot stamping and hip swaying practice. Not everyone can do it in Jimmy Choos you know…

We hear that you recently appeared on Oprah, what was that like?

Oh my god, it was amazing. I’m actually quite lost for words, she was so humble and supportive. She said she really enjoyed our performance so that meant a lot. It was such a great experience. We’ve got two weeks to go now before the album is launched so we’re really excited and just so appreciative of everything that we’re getting to experience.

Do you feel like you’re following in the footsteps of Simon Cowell’s other protege, Leona Lewis?

I hope so! That would be fantastic. She’s been so successful and if I’d be very happy if we could follow in her footsteps. Definitely.

Have you been watching Britain’s Got Talent this year?

Yes, the whole band are hooked. We absolutely love it.

What do you think of Susan Boyle?

We think she’s great, we were so impressed by her first performance and we’re really keen to see how she improves for the semi finals. That was the most important time for us; when we really came together as a band and worked as hard as we possibly could, so it’ll be great to see what she comes up with next.

You’re quite glamourous girls, it’s very much a part of your image. Do you think they needed to make over Susan Boyle?

Well, you know, the great thing about Susan is that she’s just a normal woman from a normal town in Scotland who has a phenomenal talent. For us, the dressing up thing is just part of who we are: we love to dress up and look the part. I’m sure Susan wants to do the same, I’m sure she enjoys getting dolled up and feeling good about herself. I think it’ll make her feel great when she’s performing.

Do you think the controversy surrounding your appearance on BGT was fair, there was a lot of press about you not being “undiscovered talent” as you were all professional musicians?

No I don’t think it was fair because we’d only ever been in backing bands, supporting other artists. We were undiscovered talent. Making music was our day job that was all. It’s like Gin the dog, he didn’t learn those skills overnight and it’s the same with us. We’ve worked hard for years to improve our playing and we’ve played hundreds of gigs.

But Izzy and Chantal previously recorded an album with the band Wild in 2005. What makes you think that Escala are more likely to succeed?

The main difference is that Wild were a manufactured band, whereas we are a group of friends who have known each other and performed together for years. I think when you’re friends it’s more likely to work. Having spoken to Izzy and Chantal about their experience with Wild, it has really helped us as a group because we found out what we didn’t want, which is just as important as knowing what you do want to aim for. Obviously some manufactured bands work and go on to do really well but for us, what’s more important is that we are really happy with what we’ve achieved, we’ve worked so hard to get where we are today and we’re just really proud to get the album out there and see what reaction it gets.

Who was your favourite judge on Britain’s Got Talent?

Well I have to say Simon, obviously. He was the most scary. When we performed we didn’t have day jobs to go back to so we had so much riding on our performance, and we were just so pleased with the reactions that we got. He’s been really helpful and a great mentor to us.

Any casual flirting from his end, we hear he’s a bit saucy?

No, not at all. He’s completely professional and very focused on the job at hand. It’s been great to work with him. We’re having a fabulous time.

Sally McIlhone