The Empire Strikes Brokeback?: 15 Awesome Film Mash-Ups

Doc and Marty brokebackSometimes, when you put two or more things together, you get something that far exceeds the sum of the parts. So OTB have found some of the finest re-takes on film trailers that you will ever see; some mash films together to make hybrids, whilst others just make a new trailer with a different context. Either way, we bet you never thought you’d see Wallace and Gromit featuring in Saw, or Doc Brown and Marty McFly from Back to the Future having a Brokeback Mountain moment. Enjoy.

1. Brokeback To The Future

The Doc and Marty both have feelings for each other, but just can’t express them. Meanwhile, Doc is stuck in a relationship with Clara that he can’t get out of. Can they ever be together?

2. Avatar – Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest

The best bit about this one is that Avatar actually has a much more ridiculous storyline than Fern Gully. This gives you the chance to discover what would have happened if James Cameron has spent some of that huge budget on the script.

3. Star Wars vs Clerks

37 dicks?! That’s enough to make any young Jedi turn to the dark side..

4. The Terminator As A Love Story

If Linda Hamilton and Arnie could have set aside the hatred, then the Terminator would have been very different. How can a girl choose when confronted with a decision between Kyle Reese and a cyborg?

5. Transformers of the Ring

Optimus Prime and Gandalf probably hang around together anyway..

6. Requiem For A Toy

Cross the most successful kids franchise ever with the world’s most depressing drug film. Yes folks, it’s Toy Story and Requiem For A Dream. Surely this shouldn’t have been possible..

7. The Shining – Recut As A Comedy

Stephen King this is not..

8. Transformers Meet Terminators

“Worst of all, they’re eating all our sand..”

9. Empire Brokeback

It’s quite possible that this droid romance actually served as the inspiration for Brokeback Mountain..

10. Wonka: Drug Baron

Frankly, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a drugs film. But this trailer makes it look like Fear and Loathing and Charlie Bucket, which would be the most disturbing children’s film of all time.

11. Matrix vs Fight Club

These two go together like the England football team and a super-injunction..

12. Wallace & Gromit in Saw

Do not watch this if you ever want to see Nick Park’s animated duo in the same way again. Whoever thought of combining these two movies has an exceptionally dark mind.

13. The Goonies of the Caribbean

There has been talk of a Goonies sequel for years, but if they ever do get around to making one, getting in Johnny Depp and the Pirates of the Caribbean might not be such a bad idea. Even Captain Jack Sparrow would have his hands full with these kids.

14. Xmas Origins: Santa

Jack Frost has murdered Santa’s wife and child and seems to have gotten away with it. But when Santa is given the opportunity to join a special team to catch Frost, he sees a chance to finally get revenge but in order to do so; he has to go outside of the law…

15. Kermit Gump

Run Forrest etc..