Comedy Dave Interview: ‘Best Part-Time Job In The World’

Comedy Dave has been Chris Moyles’ loyal Radio 1 sidekick for more years than he cares to remember but this week he’s promoting his TV Channel namesake… Dave.

Those Top Gear loving fools are offering one lucky viewer the chance to spend their spare time hanging out with celebs, going to exclusive events and chilling out backstage pretty much everywhere for a whole year. They’re even offering to pay you for your trouble as well…

Unsurprisingly they’re calling it The Best Part-Time Job In The World. Which it probably is to be honest…

Channel bosses insist that no experience what-so-ever is required to apply for the position, further details can be found at…

Hi Dave, like a lot of other people we grew up listening to you and Chris Moyles on the Radio1 afternoon show. You’ve been number one in the mornings for a while, is there a bit of rivalry between you and Chris Evans at Radio 4 now he’s moved to the morning slot?

(Laughs) Certainly not from us! We don’t know what Chris’ figures are at the moment, but we’re just happy to have had such great a audience for so long and long may it continue!

Can you tell us about the Dave Channel’s new job opportunity?

Dave have asked me to be on the judging panel as they look for someone to do what they’re calling ‘the best part-time job in the world’. Basically they’re looking for a roving reporter who will work for the channel, try out gadgets, go to gigs, sporting events and interview celebrities and then convey this all back to the channel for a year, after which the successful applicant could earn themselves up to £10,000 which is very nice! But the best thing is that this can all be done in their spare time so they won’t have to give up their other job…

That sounds amazing Dave, we’re thinking of applying. Can we count on a bit of favouritism if we make it on to the shortlist?

I’ll see what I can do for you mate. But you don’t have very long to fill in your application, it needs to be done by the 19th of March. I wish you the best of luck though, maybe we’ll see you on the shortlist….

Thanks for that Dave, I’ll start clearing my schedule. Now you’ve interviewed a fair few stars in your time, is there anyone who has left you feeling particularly star-struck?

Noel Gallagher has been in a few times and he’s always one of our favourite guests, but I usually feel like pinching myself a bit. I mean he’s someone we all grew up listening to! But we try not to get blase about famous people because the moment you start to get nonchalant about the people you meet on a daily or weekly basis, it’s probably a sign that you shouldn’t be doing the job anymore.

Yes well obviously you guys are there to represent the listeners aren’t you…

Well exactly, and I think you’ve got to be excited about these things, because some people might say that we’ve got one of the best full-time jobs in the world! With the exception of having to get up early in the morning (the only down side), we get to have a right laugh and meet some great people, I wonder if that’s why I’ve been asked to lend my opinion on this vacancy.

You’ve got a great group on the Breakfast Show, but Aled is definitely our second favourite team member, what’s it like working with him? Does he need a bit of looking after?

He’s a lovely guy, but he’s also very daft – and I say that in a very affectionate way – but he is daft and he will often trip himself up with some genuine gaffs, mostly borne out of total naivity. But we’re just a big family on the show and he’s very much part of the family. (Laughs) But he’s very funny to be around…

Chris Moyles has got a successful TV programme at the minute, can we expect to see Radio 1’s ‘Director of Comedy’ on our screens any time soon?

Who knows? That would be nice wouldn’t it? At the moment we’re concentrating on keeping The Breakfast Show going as long as possible, but never say never! I’m interested in doing TV if it comes along. You never know, someday someone might be daft enough to take a chance on me and you might see a parallel career, but at the moment its all about radio.

We know you’re a massive Everton fan, do you think your boys can claim a Europa League spot this season?

I think we’ve left it a bit late to be honest. We’re playing very well at the moment and if we hadn’t had such a terrible start I think we could have been pushing for fourth!

That is bold Dave, that opening day thrashing by Arsenal really set you off on the wrong foot…

I was there for the 6-1, and in the snow at the Emirates when I thought we were going to get the result, but Arsenal equalised in the last minute! The Arsenal fans were very magnanimous afterwards though and it’s been nice to see us taking points off the top sides recently.

What will the Breakfast team be doing for this summer’s World Cup?

We’re actually looking at ways for the whole station to cover the World Cup at the moment, obviously this year we’re not going out to South Africa – for a number of reasons – cost mainly I think. So this year we’re going to focus on covering the tournament from the UK, which means interesting and novel ways of watching the games in the pub. We’re currently working on our masterplan!

Isn’t everyone Dave! Lastly, who is your favourite Disney villain?

You’ve got me there! You know I can’t remember… I watch Mickey Mouse Club House with my two-year old daughter but there aren’t many baddies in that…