Damned Lies! 10 Erroneous Film Titles

We don’t mind film directors using a fair bit of artistic licence when they name their latest project, but some of these offenders went out of their way to lead us astray with unbelievable claims and outright porkies that may have given some more naive audiences quite a shock. “Hang on a minute! This lot aren’t good fellas at all!”


The Neverending Story

Sadly the story did come to an abrupt end after three films. Although news has reached our ears of a reboot for 2012 which will “examine the more nuanced details of the book”. Nuanced or not, we’re pretty sure the new film will also come to an end at some point…


White Men Can’t Jump

Believe it or not, white men can jump. Jonathan Edwards proved this several times in the decade following this film’s release.


You Only Live Twice

If it hadn’t been for the utterly unfathomable (and we’re not just talking about the title) Quantum Of Solace, this would probably have been the most ambiguous name for a Bond film ever. It’s also a flagrant mistruth.



It’s difficult to call yourself a good fellow after you’ve whacked your best mate..


The Day The Earth Stood Still

The original was an early sci-fi classic, the remake was an abomination in which Keanu Reeves failed to play an emotionless alien with conviction. However, the earth never actually stopped revolving in either, they simply turned the electricty off…


The Lovely Bones

Child rape: Not lovely..


The Good German

Surely a misnomer? Germans may seem friendly, but we all know that they are nothing but cold-hearted penalty-taking machines..


No Country For Old Men

What about Bournemouth?


Funny People

They weren’t..


The Incredible Hulk

It wasn’t..