Despicable? Me?! Miranda Cosgrove Answers All


Today sees the release of Despicable Me 2, the sequel to the highly successful 2010 animated comedy, starring Steve Carrell as the voice of Gru, a comedic super villain who ends up adopting three orphans, whilst still finding time to control the antics of his minions; small yellow creatures with a sense of mischief and mayhem wherever they go. The sequel has the makings of a potential franchise for Universal, more than keeping up with other major animation companies in Hollywood.

One star attached to these films is American television star Miranda Cosgrove, who has already fronted such shows as Drake & Josh and ICarly, as well as debuting on film in Jack Black’s famous musical comedy School Of Rock back in 2003. On The Box managed to get a few minutes with the young star to talk about her new film as well as what she’s up to in the future.

What can we look forward to in Despicable Me 2?

It really begins where the first film left off, and you can tell at the beginning of the movie that they are more of a family. Gru has pretty much given up being a villain and has become more of a dad, but half way through the film, he realises that he misses it. My character Margo has to try and make Gru realise how much being a father means to him, as well as the children he’s adopted.

This story is more spy themed than the first film, what was that like?

I did yeah. I enjoy the James Bond movies and the themes that came with the spy genre. I liked a lot of gadgets used in the movie too like Kristen Wig’s car which can go underwater and stuff like that.

With Despicable Me being animation, pretty much all of the acting comes from the vocal side of things. How did you find that?

For several scenes, they’ll play some of the characters voices from audio recordings so we have something to play off of. But everybody recorded individually. You’re alone in the booth, with the directors somewhere explaining to you what’s happening in the scene, and giving you options to improve, as well as doing the scene in various different ways. They’re the main help when you’re in the booth.

With the way animation is made, do you get to spend anytime with the cast during scenes?

We really hung out with most of the cast after we finished. I know Steve Carrell the best because I did publicity for the first film with him, and it’s definitely one of the coolest things about the film because he’s really fun to hang out with. I’m getting to know him more with this film too.

This is the second film in the Despicable Me franchise, is this something that you can see going for a very long time?

I think that they did a really good job with this film by coming up with a new plot line and introducing new characters to the story, and I think if they could potentially come up with something really cool for a third movie, I’d be on board. It would be fun to be an older Margo at 16. Looking at the first film, it really surprised everyone. I was surprised at the response it got from audiences, so I hope with this film, people continue to like it.

What’s happening with Margo in this film? What’s her story?

I guess she does have her own little story. She has her own love interest in this film so she’s going through all that for the first time, but Gru doesn’t really trust the guy she likes, and in general doesn’t like one of his own kids liking guys for the first time. A lot of those scenes are minor in the whole movie, but they are there.

As a young actress, is that something that you can relate to, the idea of falling in love for the first time?

Yeah, it kind of reminds me of the first guy I ever liked in grade school, which makes me think about those feelings you get when you really like someone for the very first time.

You gained massive popularity with shows such as Drake & Josh as well as ICarly, so you must know about the new spin-off premiering in America “Sam & Cat” which stars your former co-star Jennette McCurdy. What are your thoughts on the show?

Well Jennette is one of my best friends in real life, and we pretty much grew up together making ICarly, so I’m happy for her getting her own show. I actually watched the first episode in America, and it’s funny, so I’m really happy for her.

What’s coming up for you next? Anything on the horizon after Despicable Me 2?

I actually finished my first year at USC [University of Southern California] in LA, so I’m on vacation right now and I go back later this year. I like it a lot and it’s a different experience from home schooling. I enjoy getting to go to regular classes, watching the college football team and stuff like that.

My final question would be to ask out of all the roles you’ve ever played in your career, what’s the one your most proud of?

I’d say School Of Rock, because that was the first big thing I really did. Or I guess ICarly because we did that for six years and I grew up during the show.

Despicable Me 2 is out in UK cinemas from the 28th of June