Exclusive Interview with Grimm’s Nick Burkhardt

From the producers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Grimm is the story of a police detective who inherits the ability to see supernatural creatures.

Season 1 begins as Nick starts seeing people briefly transformed into monsters. It’s not long before his work as a policeman leads Nick to battle the criminals he once thought were only found in fairytales.

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Here is our exclusive interview with star David Giuntoli:

Q: Nick starts the show as someone with little understanding of the Grimm world…
A: Yes, he goes from being in the dark to becoming a reluctant believer and, as the series has gone on, he’s become more learned in the world of the Grimms. You see him using this knowledge to his advantage in their world and doing whatever he can to keep the creatures at bay. It’s a great role, the sort that doesn’t come around too often.

Q: How did you approach the part?
A: I decided Nick was a guy who didn’t drink with the guys and who’d rather watch movies on the sofa with his girl with a glass of wine. After a childhood of moving around he’s now enjoyed the stability of a girl and a good relationship plus a regular job. Nick doesn’t want to lose either but both are in peril so he carries around the burden of looking after himself, his fiancée and everyone else from these monsters. I’ve got characters like Monroe helping me but have to keep the secret from Juliette and Hank. It’s pretty hard maintaining a happy home when you’ve got monsters chasing you!

Q: Did you prepare by watching a lot of horror?
A: I watched a lot of Angel and Buffy, both shows that were scary and funny and didn’t insult the viewers’ intelligence. Grimm has its own tone but I love the way it allows adults to suspend their rigid way of thinking and become like children again – to be afraid of monsters and fairytale creatures.

Q: How do you see your character developing?
A: Well, I know I don’t want Nick to be some kind of superhero. I want him to be a normal, grounded guy which I think is the more honest way forward and where much of his appeal lies. But you’ll see him going from this shocked observer to someone who uses the tools at hand to his advantage.

Q: Why do you think the show has struck such a chord?
A: I think Grimm has taken off because it’s so different, a police drama with a supernatural element. It’s fun because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s goofy in some ways. When you hear what the show’s about, it might sound silly but the idea sticks with you. Plus the writers have done a great job developing the characters and getting the balance right between gruesome storylines and comedy, which has kept people interested. Also, people have less money these days and want to stay in more and, I think, need a nice bit of escapism on a Friday night.

Q: Did you imagine the shoot would be so demanding?
A: At the start people told me it was the most work I would do but it’s been a really wonderful experience, even with the 14 hour days! It’s been great to watch the cast grow close and for the characters to become more defined.

Q: You must be pleased the show has been renewed for a second season…
A: Yes – originally we all tried to take it one episode at a time because we didn’t know how audiences would respond. Now it’s been recommissioned, we have a little more freedom and a little more job security and can plan out another story arc.

Q: And what are you planning to do with your time off?
A: Believe it or not I don’t want to travel, I just want to go to LA and sit there. I’m also going to New York for a week to see some friends. NBC is getting me a personal trainer because they want me to kick a little more Grimm ass next season. That gives you a clue of what direction we’ll be taking – Nick’s going to be more assertive and aggressive.