Female Ghostbusters: New Faces, New Heroines

Ghostbusters 2016 cast - Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon

In 1984 the original Ghostbusters starred Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. Fast forward 32 years and the Ghostbusters are back again, but this time with a female cast.

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon will be starring in this remake, directed by Paul Feig. With a hilarious star-studded cast, it seemed like things should be running smoothly. However, there has been major backlash from fans on Twitter about the Ghostbusters all female .

Feig got many messages from outraged fans. He said, “The biggest thing I’ve heard for the last four months is, ‘Thanks for ruining my childhood.’”

This isn’t even the worst of it, with people outraged on social media about the all ladies cast. Bustle combined a list of the 12 most sexist tweets about the whole situation.

As you can see, some discussed how it was a sexist move and others claiming it will prove to be a flop because women cannot play the roles as well.

Even Ernie Hudson from the original Ghostbusters told The Telegraph, “I love females. I hope that if they go that way, at least they’ll be funny, and if they’re not funny at least hopefully it’ll be sexy. I love the idea of including women; I think that’s great. But all female, I think, would be a bad idea. I don’t think the fans want to see that.”

In all honesty, I don’t see why people are so opposed to the idea of an all female cast. For those who worry that this cast won’t be funny, watch their previous work and you’ll be proved wrong immediately. Most of these ladies are SNL alums and have done such funny work in both movies and television.

A woman can also be more than just funny. She can still be sexy and generate laughs. Even if she isn’t sexy, that doesn’t make her any less powerful of an actress. To say that only men should play Ghostbusters is ridiculous because there are so many other movies in Hollywood that only feature groups of men (i.e. Black Hawk Down, Reservior Dogs, etc.)

Ghostbusters is a story that can easily be warped to fit either gender. Since when could a woman not be a Ghostbuster?

People should come to see that heroes do not always have to be men. Women are just as capable of saving the day and punishing the bad guys. We’ve seen examples of this in movies like The Hunger Games and Kill Bill. By having women fill these roles, we’re paving a new way for Hollywood. Maybe this will mean that more movies about heroines will be made and remakes can have a modern twist to them by adding lead female characters.

Not only is this a good sign for Hollywood, it is one for girls everywhere. This reboot gives a new generation a fresh look at the series and now girls have the opportunity to have new heroines in their lives. It will prove to girls that they can grow up to fight evil and be the heroines of their own lives. Instead of having boys defend them, girls will see that they can fight with them or even for them.

I look forward to seeing this Ghostbusters remake, and having leading ladies who can do the job just as well, if not better, than the original.