Film of the Day – Dad’s Army (2016 version)

Dad's Army Movie

There are many questions that could be raised concerning last year’s film remake of the classic BBC sitcom, the main one being: “Why?!”

There was no need to make this film. The original sitcom was brilliant, and is still brilliant. Its repeats on BBC Two often get better ratings than many modern comedies. This film doesn’t make the series any better. It’s just a nostalgia fest, and a bad one at that.Just one example; who thought it was a good idea to show Captain Mainwaring’s wife on screen? The whole point of “the dreaded Elizabeth” is that she is so awful that she could only be conjured up in your mind’s eye, with everyone having a different idea on what that would look like. If you show her on screen, then you spoil the illusion.

I know that normally “Film of the Day” is something positive, but simply the idea of this movie annoys me so much I need to get my anger out of my system.

Dad’s Army is on Sky Comedy at 21.45.

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