Film of the day: Idiocracy

Terry Crews and Luke Wilson in Idiocracy.

Idiocracy is one of my favourite films ever. It is a film so wonderfully stupid that its premise of a future in which America has devolved to such an extent that educated types have been outbred by moronic, trailer trash who are governed by former wrestling superstar, President Comacho – played to perfection by the excellent Terry Crews.

Luke Wilson is Joe Bauers, a lowly army private, who gets himself roped into a secret military experiment and is cryogenically frozen for 500 years. Unfortunately, he’s forgotten about and when his cryo pod slips out a giant landfill in 2505, he is thrust into a land of imbeciles.

Mike Judge, the brains behind Beavis and Butthead, wrote and directed this scathing comedy satire of America, which was inexplicably spiked by Fox Studio execs and brushed under the carpet for two years before finally being granted a limited release, and though Idiocracy was conceived 10 years before of the rise to power of the erratic, social media ranting, former reality TV star Donald Trump, nothing the bequiffed one has done so far would look out of place in Judge’s pitch black critique.

Idiocracy – Wednesday 10.00pm on Syfy.