Film Stars Before They Were Famous

Ryan Reynolds in Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Not everybody gets their big break straight away, even film stars. Here are a handful of people you unknowingly saw before they were the lead part in a blockbuster. These film roles may be on their CVs, but are perhaps not in people’s memories.

Ryan Reynolds in Sabrina the Teenage Witch

In the film (not the TV series) the big-headed ‘cool’ kid happens to have blonde ringlets like curtains around his face. It seems hard to believe now, but the guy that is chasing his car around the parking lot at the end of the film is the heartthrob now widely known as Ryan Reynolds. The odds are that these days Sabrina would be after him, not the other way round. Thank goodness he found a decent hairdresser.

Tom Felton in The Borrowers

Draco Malfoy is one to be feared in the Harry Potter series, with his sinister sneer, dangerous family and magic powers. In The Borrowers however it is a very different story. In fact, he looks a lot more like a Weasley and a female one at that. He plays the tiniest borrower with frizzy ginger hair, so you cannot be blamed if you watched it recently and never even clicked.

Carey Mulligan in Pride and Prejudice

With so many sisters, it seems inevitable that the youngest one should be left out, but not when you realise that excitable little Kitty is The Great Gatsby star Carey Mulligan. This was her first major hit movie appearance and the dimples in her cheeks are her biggest giveaway. In this film she looks plain and arguably insignificant, constantly sticking to her sister Lydia like a bad smell. If only she knew she’d be going from aprons to glitzy dresses.

Mischa Barton in The Sixth Sense and Notting Hill

It never fails to be a surprise when Hugh Grant suddenly starts talking to a very opinionated young girl who looks just like Mischa Barton…because it is her. She is one of the actors with whom Julia Roberts has allegedly starred in a movie with within the plot – the one that is famously set in space and out-of-place Hugh Grant pretends to be a representative of Horse and Hound , just in the hope of seeing his lady again. Just as unexpectedly, she appears in The Sixth Sense as Kyra Collins, but you may have missed her if you kept turning your head away from the screen in fear, for it is an eerie movie. If only she knew then that her pale face would soon be regularly tanned in California with all the time she’d be spending there.

Elijah Wood in Back To the Future Part II

Admittedly it’s not a major role, but the film would not be the same without Game Boy #2 now, would it? That was the role that Elijah played, but he went on to play much bigger and better things, Frodo Baggins being a particularly outstanding one! He featured in the scene where Michael Fox shows two young boys how to use a gun arcade machine. Undoubtedly Elijah Wood must have enviously looked up (or across – sorry Michael) at Michael Fox, oblivious to the fact that he would one day earn his rightful place in the world of legendary movies. And the graphics would come to be much better as time progressed.