Five Best Female Directors at LFF 2014

Ana Lily Amirpour

Ana Lily Amirpour – A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Ana Lily Amirpour has had an interest in short films since a young age, citing her first movie as a slumber party horror piece filmed on her dad’s camera at the age of 12. Since then she has continued with her unique spirit with a series of further shorts, including: A Little Suicide, Hairy, and True Love. Her first full length film A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night illustrates the tale of a forlorn female vampire in a rundown Iranian city. Filmed in black and white, an atypical feature to Amirpour’s works, the film has been wowing critics and is bound to stand apart from the standard vampire flick.

Carol Morley

Carol Morley – The Falling

Carol Morley has gained traction in the industry since she began directing shorts and documentaries following her graduation in 1993. Morley’s films have played on the topic of human connection and coming of age; her new film The Falling fittingly falls into the genre. Her creative story about blossoming teenage maturity adds a youthful element to her collective works, which include: The Alcohol Years, Edge, and Dreams of a Life.

Céline Sciamma

Celine Sciamma – Girlhood

Celine Sciamma has crafted some of the most riveting explorations of female identity in recent years. Even with only three prior films under her directing belt, Sciamma has made an impression in the coming of age genre. Each of her works has garnered immense attention, which include Water Lilies, Pauline, and Tomboy. Girlhood continues down this path by following the story of Marieme, who struggles to find her identity as she comes of age; pre-existent factors in Marieme’s life lead up to her gradual transition into a member of a girl gang. Sciamma yet again brings attention to the delicate yet life changing events that young women go through as they breach womanhood.


Debbie Tucker Green – Second Coming

Debbie Tucker Green, award winning playwright of such projects as Born Bad, has only directed a handful of short films, but her raw depictions of life today are propelling her into the industry. Her debut feature Second Coming is set in modern day London, and follows the tribulations of one family facing an unprecedented event. Tucker Green’s newest film charges head on into theological questions and the struggles of everyday life.

Debra Granik

Debra Granik – Stray Dog

Debra Granik, Oscar nominated writer and director of Winter’s Bone, is a director dedicated to showcasing personal strength and the successes and failures of the human resolve. In her new documentary Stray Dog, Granik acts as an unbiased conduit to share the story of Ronnie ‘Stray Dog’ Hall, an American biker who defies traditional preconceptions about what he should be and how he should live; a unique documentary depicting a small demographic of American life.