Five Films That Deserved A Sequel

‘Sequels suck … by definition alone sequels are inferior films!’ This is the opinion of the all-knowing Randy of Scream 2. Sadly, this is often the case; and definitely was back in 1997 when Randy uttered those immortal, yet ironic, words.

A lot can happen in 15 years. These days every other film hitting the cinema screens is a sequel, prequel, or remake; and they are rolling in it. Death of the original film and blah blah blah? Meh, maybe. But I’m rather loving the sequel renaissance of the moment and it’s got me thinking about some of the films that deserve, or at least deserved, a sequel that they haven’t yet got.

The Incredibles

So Pixar sees fit to bring out a disappointing Cars 2 but leave the incredible Incredibles sequeless? I’ll give the upcoming Monsters Inc prequel Monsters University the benefit of the doubt because I love those monsters but it seems incredible (forgive me) that that lovable family of superheroes hasn’t got a sequel yet.

It’s understandable that Brad Bird might be waiting on the perfect script as anything other than super would be lame, but I hope they get a move on.

Plot possibilities: A general saving the world plot with perhaps some super cousins thrown in for trials and tribulations; Jack-Jack turns into an evil super villain shaming the family name; wife swap?

Independence Day

Hugely popular and the genius behind such quotes as “now that’s what I call a close encounter” and “I have got to get me one of these!”, Independence Day was frickin’ awesome. A sequel could have been equally awesome and definitely should have been attempted: if only to see the brilliant brains and brawn team of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum back together again.

Plot possibilities: Alien revenge; humans adopting the whole locus idea and invading another planet; coping with the disappointing aftermath of having only hillbillies and red necks left to populate the US after most of the cities have been blown up.

District 9

All set up for a sequel and still yet to deliver – leave them wanting more I guess. The lovable goon Wikus – prawny and alone – definitely needs closure. Alien reinforcements would probably be coming back for revenge but will Wikus be rooting for man or prawn?

Plot possibilities: Wikus becomes leader of the prawns; Wikus somehow infects the entire human population with prawniness; Wikus sets up his own cat food restaurant.

The Golden Compass

Philip Pullman’s Dark Trilogy was awesome and way better written then Twilight and the like – so why isn’t a Golden Compass sequel reaping all the benefits? The Subtle Knife was right there ready to be screenplayed, but I suppose things often go wrong when you incur the wrath of both the Catholic Church and the economy slash balls-up that we are still living through. Though Dakota Blue Richards has fallen foul of time and has grown up, Lyra still lives and there is still scope for a sequel to be made – do it!

Plot possibilities: read The Subtle Knife!

The Goonies

For some reason I assumed that there was a Goonies 2 but I was totally wrong. There is a video game but I am actually shocked that there isn’t a proper sequel already. There have been random rumours over the years of one in the pipeline starring the now very aged cast but nothing has come to fruition. A musical is apparently underway – can’t wait to see Sloth sing!

Plot possibilities: kids of the original Goonies get up to general mischief slash shenanigans; a map is found leading to terrorist WMDs; Sloth is now President: hilarity ensues.

Honourable mentions: Hot Fuzz (already part of a trilogy of sorts but would be amazing and is perfect sequel fodder); True Lies; Zoolander; South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (such a genius of a musical definitely deserves a sequel); The Cable Guy; Hancock; Dodgeball; Zombieland; Who Framed Roger Rabbit; Scarface.