G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Press Conference

When all else fails… we don’t.

On a bright and windy Wednesday morning OTB jumped aboard the magnificent HMS Belfast for the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra press conference in our mission to get all the movie dirt.

Nine of the cast and crew were in attendance, some of whom made a spectacular entrance, speeding in on the Thames on dinghies with the help of the Royal Marine Commandos.

The adrenaline was probably still going as the ensemble took their seats. They were bright, perky and firing off plenty of banter.

This being a movie based on a toy (inspired by a comic book and animated series, we must hasten to add), it was only inevitable there would be a line of action figures coming out to coincide with its release. It is equally inevitable that among the cast there would be “action figure envy”.

Sienna Miller’s was said to look “a little blind”, while Marlon Wayans declared, possibly in horror: “my doll looks like Eddie Murphy”. What a terrible affliction.

More importantly, did Wayans ever have a G.I. Joe doll – sorry, action figure – when he was a kid? Unfortunately no, for in the Wayans household of ten children, it was either toys or dinner: “if we had a toy in my house I would have put some hot sauce on it and ate it”, he said.

Could English rose Sienna Miller’s presence in this blockbuster signal a move into more mainstream movies? She says she is keen to stay in London, continuing to shoot British films, though reveals she will be starring in a play on New York’s Broadway.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra certainly puts CGI to good use with some breathtaking results (our reviewer may not agree), but does CGI make Stephen Sommers’ role as director easy or more difficult?
He said that as CGI allows you do “anything”, a great story and great characters become the driving force, and more important for the movie’s success. CGI merely supports all this good stuff.

Sommers cringed as he was asked by our Scottish master of ceremonies about an issue that has displeased some critics north of the border – the audacity to invent Celtic – or “Celtish” – words for the movie and cast a non-Scot (Christopher Eccleston) to utter them in a dodgy accent. This was probably a sore spot as the entire table laughed it away, coming to their director’s defence.

The team obviously got on; when asked about whether there were any pranks it all degenerated into giggles.

What a lovely bunch.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra opens nationwide on 7th August.