Britain’s Next Top Model: OTB Meets This Week’s Evictee..

I must admit that when I was offered the chance to interview Hannah Goodeve I had privately been hoping to meet her in person. Spending time with a tall, striking, curvaceous brunette with an intoxicating laugh and sparkling wit appeared to be an excellent prospect on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.

However, my hopes were cruelly dashed and reality washed over me like next morning’s hangover when I was informed I’d actually be conducting our conversation over the telephone, ruining in an instant whatever faint chances I may have had at wooing a supermodel. It is also unfortunate that performing interviews over the phone can often be frustrating as they lack the opportunities to effectively gauge your subject which is otherwise afforded to you in a face-to-face setting.

It was, therefore, a nice surprise when I finally got to speak to Hannah and discovered that her personality shone through the earpiece just as it does during her frequently funny and all too brief appearances on Britain’s Next Top Model which she was evicted from this week. It’s worth noting that she wasn’t really thrown out as she decided at the last moment to abandon her career as a supermodel and pursue something more taxing on the brain: teaching. Some lads are about to become the luckiest schoolboys on the planet…

OTB: Why did you enter BNTM?

H: I was sat around with some friends and we thought it would be a laugh. I also wanted to get into media so I thought I’d enter BNTM?

How did you think you’d get into media after BNTM?

I didn’t really think that through!

What did your friends say when you told them you’d entered and been accepted to be on BNTM?

They laughed, they thought it was amazing because it’s a huge opportunity but they thought it was funny.

Did your parents object or worry about how you’d react to being exposed on television?

My parents are very supportive of me. They’re not pushy parents and encourage me to pursue the things that I enjoy.

Had you met models beforehand and, if so, did they give you any advice?

My dad used to be a model. He used to model in Vogue but now he’s just really fat and watches cowboy films all the time!

What was your impression of Elle Macpherson and the judges? Grace came across as quite nasty.

They were all great in their own way, it makes for good TV to have four quite different judges. You just have to take their advice because they are experts in the fashion industry.

How did you get on with the other contestants? Was there anyone you really hated?

I wasn’t there long enough really, everyone was really nice. I got along with everyone, I just felt older than everybody. I’m 23 this year and they’re all 18 or 19. It’s not that many years, it’s just what happens inbetween. I’d been travelling and gone to university so I think that made a little difference. But living with over twenty 18 or 19 year olds…Oh my god!

Who did you get on best with in the house and why?

Delita and Charlotte. D is good crack – she’s really funny. Charlotte is a really nice girl, she’s the all American dream, girl next door, long hair etc.

You appeared to be the reason that your team lost their first task which meant you were to second to enter the house – did the other contestants have a go at you?

It wasn’t my fault they didn’t get into the house – they were all equally rubbish.

Tiffany seems very driven and popular with the judges – what was she like? She seems pretty scary.

I think her determination rubs off as coldness. To be honest I don’t know her that well.

The lingerie task seemed to be your breaking point – what was it about the task that made you break?

My nipples were hanging out! It wasn’t that it was a lingerie shoot – I was out of my depth and not being myself. Having to stand around in underwear and snog a girl was a bit too much. I’d rather just have a nap than snog a girl.

Why do you think it’s quite common to see two girls kiss in an advert and not two men?

Lesbians are viewed as sexy whereas it’s not really the case in reality. They can make it look sexy in lingerie I suppose.

Victoria Holt convinced you it wasn’t sleazy but a guy got an erection…

The guy had his hand on my crotch! It was disgusting! Cheap thrills when you’re young eh?

You weren’t the only one to feel uncomfortable about the shoot – do you think it was too early to introduce the girls to what is quite an intense atmosphere?

It was the right thing to do because it shows who can and can’t do it. I find it hard to switch off and not be myself whereas the others girls could. It separates the wheat from the chaff.

Are there any other reality shows you’d be interested in auditioning for? You don’t seem that keen on becoming a celebrity.

If a camera crew wants to follow me around the world and do a documentary with me I’d be thrilled. And I’d like to keep a blog. I’d like to do extreme things like that guy in the jungle…Bear Grylls. Maybe I could be the model version.

Or a Raoul Moat inspired survivalist without the suicide…

I have a conspiracy theory about that. There’s no way he could’ve been in that area for that long…

You’re giving the police quite a lot of credit.

No, I think it was a police blunder. That’s my point.

Have any weirdos recognised you on the street yet and approached you?

I was at a festival on Saturday and some girl ran over and said “I know you from TV somewhere, I just wanted to say hi”. Then she just went quiet and didn’t say anything, it got really awkward. My mate cracked up and said, “Come on you haven’t just come here to say hello have you?â€? It was a really weird moment. And some people have contacted me on Facebook. They add me and think that I’ll add them. A random Chinese guy from Berlin added me the other day. I didn’t accept him.

Has anyone asked you out yet?

No, but that would be nice. “Excuse me, would you like to go for a drink somewhere?â€? That would be lovely. Or maybe it would just freak me out.

Who do you think will win and who do you want to?

Amelia – I think she’s a nice girl and she’s genuine. But there are loads of strong girls – Joy is good, Amber, Charlotte is strong. Nicola is the dark horse – she’s a good model.

Are you going to continue watching the show or do you have better things to do?

I will watch it. But I don’t have Sky. My dad hates Rupert Murdoch so I have to go elsewhere to watch it. My mum has become my biggest fan and has gotten her colleagues to tape it.

What, if anything, have you learnt about yourself from being on BNTM?

I am who I thought I was before I went in. But I don’t think I’m as strong as I thought I was. I don’t compromise enough, and I’m not willing to sacrifice my happiness which you have to do in this industry to get ahead.

You said at the end of the show that you want to be an English teacher – are you pursuing this passion?

I’m doing my TEFL course and I’m going to go to Vietnam to teach English and write a blog while I’m out there and hopefully something will come out of that.

You seem like you want to pursue a career in media…

I studied PR at uni and it was a course requirement to write so I’ve always written for papers and stuff. Then it took a backseat while I contemplated becoming a model and I’ve come back full circle to what I really want to do.

Has BNTM confirmed or contradicted your preconceptions about models and modelling?

I don’t really know what I went in thinking. Models are just normal people doing a job that’s their passion. They have thick skin and it’s very easy to let things get to you so it takes a strong character to succeed.

Thank you very much Hannah and good luck with everything in the future.