Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer Review

snape300I’ve often thought that Professor Snape and Gollum had similar roles to play in the Potter and LOTR sagas respectively. Both become more important as the stories develop while forming a crucial bridge in an otherwise surgically defined good vs evil lay-out. So it’s almost fitting so see that just as Return of the King opened with a large dollop of Smeagol origins, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II will be taking us back to where it all began for Severus Snape. We’d be surprised if it came as a prologue however..

Another person who also seems to finally be getting some serious screen time after two films worth of cameos is ‘ol Snake Face. We’ve not seen much of him since that duel with Big D in The Order of the Pheonix so we’re all looking forward to seeing him “push the boundaries of magic” with that new wand of his. What also seems clear is that after sitting through a couple of hours of strops, tantrums and awkward silences, we’re finally going to be getting some serious carnage. The last two outings have essentially just served as one protracted warm-up for this crescendo (for my money The Half-Blood Prince was hormonal when it should have been horcruxal) but its already looking pretty epic. Saving Private Potter here we come..

OTB Highlight: 1.16 – Potter and Voldemort do a ‘Richard Kimble’ off the Astronomy Tower. Can’t remember that part of the book, but it looks awesome.