“I Looked Like Barbie!” OTB Meets B&INTM’s Penelope

This week on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, the girls all received fancy makeovers before they were locked up in a cell for a few hours. Charges weren’t pressed, but there were plenty of tears and in the end Penelope Williamson was sent packing when her new ‘Courtney Love’ look failed to turn heads.

At least, that’s how the judges described it; Penelope thought that it made her look like a prostitute..

Why did you apply for B&INTM?
Manchester… Oh, why? (laughs) I wanted to get into TV or fashion or something in the creative industry. It basically combines getting to see what TV is like, getting to do modelling, getting to meet people. So it was a really interesting thing to be part of.

What did you do when you told you were offered a place on the show?
I may have handed my notice in at work. I was working for a bank on the phones at the time.

So what are you going to do now?
I’ve moved to London and I’m doing bits and pieces to pay the rent. I’m also doing some freelance modelling.

You didn’t like your makeover. Has your opinion changed at all?
No. It’s not me. It’s just — the hair! It was inspired by Bridget Bardot, which Elle compared me to, and that’s amazing. But I’ve taken the extensions out and now I’m trying to let it grow again.

Who did you think had the best makeover?
Personally, I loved Anne’s. I think it really worked well with her features.

How about the worst?
I don’t know because although I wouldn’t want Jen’s makeover, I think she did well with it. You can definitely see where the judges are coming from.

You didn’t enjoy the prison photoshoot, did you?
No, not really. I think my look was more sexy and pretty rather than edgy and cool. I thought, “Oh, God! I look like a Barbie! What am I supposed to do now?â€?

The judges said you seemed to be lacking confidence in that shoot. Is that true?
Definitely. I was very up and down. It’s so intense that you lose a bit of who you are.

Which of the girls were you closest to?
Anita’s my best friend, definitely. We had a little cry when I left. And Kelly, who I shared a room with, definitely.
I’d love to see either of them win the competition.

Was there anyone you didn’t particularly gel with?
Me and Jen didn’t have the same things in common, but we never didn’t get along. We just won’t socialise after the show.

Did you like the judges?
Yeah. They’re okay, all very different characters. They’re all there for a reason and good in their own way.

You said at the end of the episode that you’re not just a pretty face. Do you have ambitions to do anything else or are you now happy to stick with modelling?
I don’t know. At the moment I just think that modelling seems to lead to so many places. I’d love to do presenting.

Will you keep watching?
If I’m honest, I haven’t really watched it anyway! I kind of find it bizarre to watch myself. Maybe I’ll watch some clips on YouTube, sometime.