“I tried to forget about the spiders and just imagine it was nothing!” OTB Meets B&INTM’s Roxanne

Last night’s episode of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model saw Roxanne O’Connor leave the show after her terrifying spider ordeal failed to convince judges of her model quality. I caught up with her to discuss the episode, the atmosphere in the camp, and all things eight-legged…

Hey Roxanne! How’s it going?

I’m good thank you

I’m sorry to see you miss out on a trip to Canada..

Yeah I am really gutted [laughs]

The spider task look horrific- there was no way I could have done it myself. Give me an insight into what it was like?

It wasn’t very nice at all, especially to have three on me at once. I think I could have coped with one, but three- it’s like “OH GOD!â€? They cling to you and it’s horrible, they hook onto your skin, make webs on you, it’s not nice at all.

You were really brave to go back in there. Was it hard to look sexy when you were that scared?

It was, but then I tried to forget about the spiders and just imagine it was nothing, or I was just laying there and the spider was digitally enhanced onto me after the shot. I’m glad that I went back and did it though.

The other girls seemed really jealous of Tyson’s attention. DO you think he favoured you at all in that task?

Not at all, I think if any of them had reacted how I had done I think he would have been exactly the same. I don’t think it had anything to do with the fact it was me, it was just luck I suppose!

The second shot made the judges say you looked smug. I know you had some reservations about the photographer’s advice during the shoot…Is there anything you would have done differently?

I think it was a bad angle for me because I don’t have a symmetrical face at all. I know that I’m better at a ¾ angle, but the photographer just wouldn’t let me do it, and if he’d let me, the shot would have been much better. Seeing all the other girl’s photographs after I saw they all had the angle that I wanted, and I was a bit gutted that he let them do it instead of me. In a way, it would have gone better if I was allowed to do what I wanted to.

On Elle’s order you changed your hair back from ginger to brown. Did this affect your performance this week?

Not really, as if it was orange it would have looked rather silly in this week’s context. A beauty shot with bright orange hair is not natural, and I think it would have really ruined the shot because it was a Marie Antoinette look, and no one had that colour hair back then.

It was quite emotional watching you cry on camera. What was your relationship like with the other girls?

I got along really well with all of them. They’re all really nice girls which I was quite surprised about. When I first went in there I thought it would be really hard living with so many other girls I’d never met before, and I thought there would be so many egos, but they weren’t. Everyone was just really nice and having a good time. However, as time went past, everything got a lot more tense, because the competition was getting a lot more serious and much tougher. Saying that, I got along with everyone until the end.

At one point you said you didn’t think the others cared about you. DO you still think this?

Yeah, I still think that. Everybody is in there for themselves, you’re not in there to see someone else win, you’re in there to win yourself. The bottom line is all you really care about is yourself. Sometimes, you care about how the person you’re closest to feels, but when someone goes, you know you’re closer to winning the competition yourself.

Was there anyone you were particularly close to then?

I was really close to Rissika…

Do you think she can win it then, or will someone else be crowned champion?

I would love her to win but I don’t think she will, I think Lisa could do it.

Any reason in particular?

I think she’s the most versatile out of all of the girls left. She’s really good at high-fashion and can do commercial as well, as she showed by the Revlon shoot. I think she’s got a good chance of winning.

Ahh Versatility- is that the most important characteristic for models to have then?

To be really successfully you have to be versatile, but at the same time it depends on what kind of modeling you want to do- ie: commercial or high-fashion. If you’re good at both, then that’s great, but obviously you can do one or the other.

OK, so what did you enjoy most on the show?

I really enjoyed the shot with Rizzle Kicks, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to do something like that again. It just had a really fun atmosphere, and things didn’t seem too tense on set.

What’s next for you then?

I really want to pursue my modeling- that’s what I enjoy and I plan to carry it on, get out there and try to be a successful model.

Well I wish you all the best with that. Thanks for speaking to me.

Thank you so much!

Take care…