Iron Man 2 Pictures, Posters & Website!

ironman300x210Cue the Black Sabbath music and lots of air guitaring because we’ve got a whole host of Iron Man 2 stuff to show you.

As the movie moves closer to its 30th April release date (ignore what the posters say), we’re getting fully revved up for the movie.

After revealing to the world that he’s Iron Man, Tony Stark must fend off the Government who want their grubby little hands on his suit design.

Whiplash AKA Ivan Vanko is also out for revenge on the Stark family and will stop at nothing to bring Iron Man down.

Lucky for Tony, Rhodes is at his side and he’s suited up as War Machine and Pepper Potts is on hand to, um, answer his fan mail?

First up we’ve got an uber sexy poster of Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow that was unveiled at Wondercon.


Boobs much? On to the next: here’s the new International poster.


And now for the US version.


Now for some new images from the movie itself. First up director Jon Faverau, who plays Stark’s driver, is carrying Tony’s suitcase Iron Man suit.


Here’s Whiplash nattering away on the phone. Such a chatterbox that one.


And a moody looking Iron Man, though to be fair, you can’t really emote in a suit like that – he’s not the Bicentennial Man.


And finally we’re bringing you a brand new website that will show you around the fictional Stark Expo that keen eyed viewers might recognise from the Iron Man 2 trailer. You can check out all the goodies that the website has to offer at Stark Expo 2010.

Here’s a video for Stark Industries which apparently promotes ‘Better Living Through Technology’.