“It Would Be Nice If The Press Gave The Voice a Chance..” We Meet Danny and Will.i.am

With The Voice reaching its climax on Saturday night, we were lucky enough to be invited along to the studio during final rehearsals to see what Will.i.am and Danny O’Donoghue had to say for themselves. So let’s talk ratings..

Are you confident?

Danny: As confident as I can be. I’m sure Will and Tom were confident before Ruth and Jaz left last week, I think that’s just blown the whole competition wide open.

Bo’s definitely the favourite though..

Danny: I haven’t heard. Is she. What are the odds? ..Listen they all have a great chance of winnning, I knew she was third favourite last week but you never know what the other judges have in their bag of tricks.

Will, we hear that Cheryl thinks that Tyler is the man to beat..

Will: Yeah she thinks that Tyler is the favourite..

Danny: William Hill says different.. and I know that Cheryl loves Bo and told me that if she wasn’t so close to Will she’d be voting Bo.

Will: One thing about Cheryl is that she has an ear and she knows what’s coming. When I play her our records, she can pick out the singles straight away and she’s spot on every time. She called ‘I Got a Feeling’ and she called Tyler and I think I trust her..

We know there’s going to be another series next year would you both be up for it?

Danny: Definitely..

Will: I’ll do it if Danny does it. If he doesn’t, it’ll be hard.. (laughs)

What do you think needs to change next year guys, obviously the ratings have fallen off a bit..

Danny: I’m not employed to do the format of the show, but John De Mol is saying that changes need to be made. I haven’t heard what they are yet and we haven’t discussed it..

Will: I think next year we should have everybody tweeting. All the judges constantly tweeting. In a couple of years time social media is going to be a big part of TV and everyone’s going to be kicking themselves that they gave me a hard time.

Do you guys feel any responsibility for the drop in ratings?

Will: How do you mean?

Well you’ve lost more than half your viewers..

Danny: Do you think we should feel responsible it?

Maybe some parts of the show could have been done better..

Will: Maybe you guys should be on the show..

Danny: We always had this mission statement that we weren’t there to ruin someone’s life so they couldn’t walk down the street afterwards. Maybe we’re making a more high-brow show but this is our pilot series..

Will: To be fair, you’re seeing the same drop in America, Australia..

We spoke to you a couple of weeks back Danny and you said that after the dip, the viewers would return for the last two shows..

Danny: Well Mother Nature didn’t help did she? We had a massive heat-wave last weekend..

Will: Exactly. You never get sun in London, then finally you get some sun, so what are you going to do? Are you going to be watching TV? Hell no!!

Danny: I bet a load more people went back later that night and watched it on iPlayer or whatever. Those instant ratings are quite small in comparison to the end of the week, when you’re sitting pretty on seven million..

Do you think the public enjoy it more when there is controversy and tantrums on shows like this though?

Danny: I think the British public have been force-fed a certain amount in that regard. I’ve always said monkey-see monkey-do. We’ve created a show where you can give people bad news in a really good way. If someone watches our show and then takes that same ethos to the school-yard then we’ve done a great job..


..Anyone believe me?

But when there is drama, like judges throwing water over each other or..

Danny: Scripted stuff?

..I don’t think it’s always scripted..

Will: A lot of the time it is scripted..

Danny: Music to us isn’t a pantomime, we don’t plan what we’re going to say with each other. We go in and we speak from the heart..

Will: With this format, you have a bond with the person on your team. In sports, the coach doesn’t beat the athlete up, the coach tries to instil some faith and courage. When singers leave other shows, you’re probably never going to hear from them again. Why? Because their whole world has been crushed and they’ve been embarrassed in front of the country. This one’s different. I want to see Jaz’s album. Maybe it doesn’t make great TV but it’s going to make great TV but it’ll make great artists. Which one do you want?

I think maybe the BBC would like to say they’ve got a great show with 12 million viewers every week..

Danny: There are peaks and troughs because there’s so much talent on this show we don’t really get the chance to tell anyone they’re crap. It’s not really a talent show, it’s a singing show. Everybody deserves to be here. I challenge any talent show winner from around the world to make it on The Voice and maybe they’d make it and maybe they wouldn’t. The standard is so high..

Does the criticism upset you guys..

Danny: No it doesn’t upset me, but it would nice if the press gave the show a chance rather than ragging on it every week but you guys have a job to do I know.. (laughs)

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