More Harry Potter Epilogue Photos

hallows250Last week we brought you some rather grainy shots from the final scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. While we were very excited to share them with you, today we have something a little more substantial to offer you Potter-maniacs as you count down the days until the first installment of the young wizard’s last adventure hits cinemas in November.

First of all we would like to offer the weakest spoiler alert in the history of OTB. We fully understand that many of you will have read the or at least know what happens in the end of JK Rowling’s saga, but if you don’t want to know and have somehow managed to stay ignorant of the climax for the last three years, then please scroll no further.

If this is indeed the case then most readers won’t need to be told what exactly is going on in these shots which show some of the characters made up to look much older than they really are.