New Images From Twilight: Eclipse

twilightposter300x210It’s getting closer and closer to the release date of the third instalment of the Twilight series and as we wait patiently for Eclipse, we’ve got some new pictures to share with you.

They’re not giving away too much detail but still I’m sure more than a few Twi-hards will be using them to make some fanart tonight.

Let’s begin with Bella, Jacob and Edward hanging out next to what looks like Bella’s house.

Two things concern us in this picture; firstly, there’s the obvious wig they’ve put on Kristen Stewart to cover up her Runaways haircut. Secondly, the length and width of the R-Patz’s sideburns – is he auditioning for an Elvis movie?

It almost looks like a still from a Twilight spoof. Also, Jacob’s muscles look a little smaller than the last time we saw him and we’re not happy about it.

Summit Eclipse Stills 2

Next up, Bella and Jacob are chillin’ by a camp fire. She looks cold Jacob, maybe you should take off your shirt and give it to her.

Summit Eclipse Stills 3

Now we’ve got the Cullen clan of vampires looking like they’re The Official Blue Denim Appreciation Society.

Summit Eclipse Stills