OTB Meets Becoming Human’s Craig Roberts

Being Human fans (and there are a few of you out there..) will notice a new character in this weekend’s episode and unlike Lacey Turner, fans of the cult show will be seeing a bit more of him in the coming months. Adam may look like someone who still does a paper-round, but he’s actually a 46 year-old vampire stuck in the body of a 16 year-old student. Mitchell, being the responsible adult that he is, sends him back to college to complete his A-Levels, but he soon discovers a werewolf (Leila Mimmack) and a ghost (Josh Brown) among his fellow pupils and voilá, we have an internet spin-off on our paws.

“When I first agreed to do Becoming Human, I didn’t realise it was going to attached to Being Human like that at all,” says Craig Roberts, who plays the young vampire in question. “They hadn’t had that planned as far as I was concerned. Maybe they were talking about it behind the scenes and then half way through the shoot they phoned me up and said ‘Would you be interested in doing this?’ and because I loved the character so much I said yes.”

“I usually get pretty geeky roles,” explains Craig. “And although Adam is a bit of a geek, he’s definitely got this bravado that he puts on for everyone. Essentially he’s just trying to get laid all the time. In his first scene you see him propositioning a girl by pointing at her in a pretty unsubtle way and that pretty much sets the tone.”

When I ask if him if he sees any similarities between the show and Misfits, he seems rather flattered. “Well Misfits is the coolest show on television, so we hope so!” he says. “Obviously when I say the coolest show on television, I meant ‘apart from Being Human’..” he adds quickly.

Created by the same team who brought us Being Human, Becoming Human is a miniseries made up of nine ten minute episodes that will be debuting on-line or via the Red Button immediately after this Sunday’s main episode on BBC3. Think S-Club juniors, but much much cooler. It may not be airing on mainstream television, but the show can still expect to pull some healthy viewing figures on the BBC site this weekend. The Being Human Blog (which will be hosting the opening episode) is the highest performing BBC3 website and TV bosses are hoping to encourage the audience to interact with the series as it unfolds on-line over the coming months.

“Fans can expect to see CCTV clips, answer phone messages, ‘MISSING’ posters and things like that appearing on-line all the time,” says Craig. “Hopefully it will keep people guessing and keep people interested in the show. I can’t tell you too much, but the series does end on a bit of a cliffhanger and there are some serious twists in between.”

But what else can we expect from the series itself? Can it do the original justice? Well the early signs are good. The writing is excellent, as you would expect when you remember that it came from the same pens that created the BBC3 original. At one stage Adam asks Matt if he left any unfinished business when he died. “Well I was on season 3 of Lost..” he says without irony, but the show is not with mystery and intrigue. After just one episode this new gang of three have bonded and are starting to ask if their spectral friend was in fact murdered to death by some dark and mysterious forces..

“I think the ten minute episodes work really well,” says Craig. “They were thinking of putting them all together in a one-off special, but in the end the team thought that a bite-size series would work better. To be honest each episode is still pretty jam-packed. Can we expect another series after this one? Well this one certainly ends on a cliff-hanger!” he adds. “I really hope there is another series, I’d love to do one.”

With Being Human’s main man Aiden Turner Middle-Earth bound we ask him if he thinks there might be a few more chances for him in the main show itself… “If that ever came up then it would be an interesting thing to think about, but Aiden brings in the girls! I’m not sure if anyone could replace him. Adam is pretty cool so it could happen? If they asked me then I would definitely say yes, but I’d just be happy to be involved in the show in any way. I love Being Human!”