OTB Meets B&INTM Winner 2012 Letita Herod..

We saw Letitia fight off competition from Emma G and Anita to be crowned Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model tonight. We caught up with her to ask her how it feels to take the title..

First off, huge congratulations from OTB, could you put it into words what it felt like to win?

Incredible. Like, the moment I found out I was Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, everything just kind of slowed down, and it took me ages to actually realise it was me on the screen. The feeling was just literally like I was on top of the world. I absolutely loved it. I was so happy.

In the last challenge, both you and Emma thought that you had a strong walk; do you think that you had an advantage with the final challenge being a catwalk challenge?

In the show I did say that people had said that I had done quite well in the catwalks, but I was quite worried as well because I did say that Emma had improved with her catwalk. It was quite like 50/50, so it was really, really nerve-racking when I went into it. I think I would’ve been confident early on, but as it got on, Emma got a lot better at walking, so I was quite worried.

What was it like trying to walk down the catwalk steps with smoke everywhere?

Hard. I remember I stepped down once and my shoe came off – half off – and so I tried to get it back on whilst I was walking. It was slippery, you couldn’t see where the stairs were, and you had these really tight dresses on, and then when you stood up on the stairs, you couldn’t lift your leg up properly, so you had to just kind of waddle up the stairs. It was an interesting experience.

On the last shoot, the judges said that they felt like you needed quite a lot of direction, is that something you’ve been working on?

Yeah, I think that was a little bit of inexperience because I’d not done modelling before, but like they said, at the end of the day I did get the shot. I think that’s something you learn anyway as you do modelling. I learnt that every time I go to do a shoot, every time I’ve learnt just to be myself and do the job by myself without having to have someone telling me what to do. I am getting better. I’m already getting there.

Who’s your pick for the future? Who do you think’s going to make it?

That’s quite hard to say because I think that quite a lot of the girls have a lot of potential. Even people who went early, like Anne, I genuinely think could do really well. So I don’t actually
know. I guess we’ll just see.

Finally, you posed with Sisko the horse. Would you rather model with Sisko the horse, or Sisqo, the artist who brought us “The Thong Songâ€??

What? OOOOH both! Definitely! Together! Why not!?

Thank you very much, bye!