OTB meets Bronagh Waugh, Who Plays Hollyoaks Later’s Cheryl Brady

Bronagh Waugh plays Cheryl Brady in Hollyoaks, and is set to take centre stage in next week’s Hollyoaks Later series. In an interview with me, she speaks about her bad boy brother Brenden, a possible new family member, and how great it is to work with hunky men…

Tell me a bit about the new series…It seems you have a rather big part to play in it?

Four years ago I first came into Hollyoaks within the late night series (which used to be called Hollyoaks in the City). It’s a much more standalone late night drama based thing, moving away from the soap. The whole idea is that if you’ve never watch Hollyoaks before, you can still tune in to see a really entertaining drama series.

We decided to really step up the pace this year. My on-screen brother Brendan is also staring, so we can finally explore something we’d always wanted to: the Brady family. So the writers got together and decided to put our family at the forefront of this new series, which is brilliant, as they’re the kind of characters that you really want to delve into and find out more about, and it’s hard to to do that on the 6.30 show.

This is a real opportunity to really delve deep into that, and the stakes are high. That’s one of Emmet’s and my prerequisites, as the longer we stay here we just want to keep raising the bar and raising the level of what’s at stake. What will happen next week will irreparably change our relationship forever.

It’s so dramatic. We’ve got blood, we’ve got guts, we’ve got some very pretty ladies in the shape of Georgie Porter (laughs). We’ve just got really good story telling and drama, and I can’t wait for everyone to watch it.

We’ve also shot it differently from last time, using a camera which is also used in James Bond. It’s going to look much more cinematic, and if you watch the trailer, you’ll get a flavour of what the kind of style is. They’re just amazing cameras, everything looks dark, blue, and kind of moody. I think it will look wicked.

How do you feel about Brenden’s arrival?

I think the fans have been crying out for a bit of Brendan action. Like I said, we take it to dark levels this time round[laughs]. If you’re a fan of Brenden and the Brady family, this is definitely unmissable. You start to put the pieces together about what makes him tick, how we are built as siblings, why we operate in the way we do, and you might even get a little sniff of a new family member as well!

Cool! I’ve read up on the episodes next week, and it seems Brenden may be badly injured at the end?!

We don’t know if he’s going to be ok…but you should be left shell-shocked afterwards saying Hollyoaks will never be the same again after you watch it.

I’m guessing the storyline will continue in Hollyoaks then?

Yeah, we hit the ground running when we go back into it. There’s no let up. Until I leave this show I want to keep pushing the boundaries, so I think it’s pretty cool that 6.30 really heats up to. Autumn and Christmas are going to be really special.

Sounds exciting! Do tell though, how is Nana Flo?

Oooh we won’t know. You’ll have to see, I can’t tell you! Nana Flo is an amazing character though, she’s awesome, and explains so much about who Brendan and I are. Sharon Morgan, the actress who plays her, has done a lot of filming before- her CV is as long as my legs, and that’s long [laughs].

You were previously nominated for best comedy performance. Do we see humour again in this series?

Yes, there’s a little touch of it. I’ve been really lucky since I’ve been in it- in my first three months I was shortlisted for best newcomer, best actress, and best comedy all at once, and I think that hopefully sums up the kind of character Cheryl is. She can do comedy, but because of who my brother is and my past history there’s lots of dramatic, emotional stuff as well. I’ve always tried to make Cheryl three dimensional, because at first she could have been seen as a kind-of cardboard cut-out, and I’ve worked really hard to try and make her into this real person that you can really relate to. People do dress really wackily but then they have tragedy happen to them too. In the late nights though, you’ll see a little bit of everything, and also there’s a really hunky new man that arrives to, and he’s pretty damn hot so that’s always nice [laughs].

Would that be Lethal Bizzle?

[Hysterical laughter] No! But Lethal Bizzle was also pretty damn hot!

OK, thanks for talking to me. Take care!!

Bye Nathan!