OTB Movie Podcast 11: Legend Of The Podcast


Emily Moulder returns to the fold for this week’s podcast and joins Jez Sands and Jamie Steiner in dissecting this week’s movie news, trailers and releases. The gang’s all here!

We try and fail to get excited about Zack Snyder’s first foray into animation Legend Of The Guardians, spend time dodging bullets with the oldies in senior citizen shoot ’em up Red and are gobsmacked when Easy A not only turns out to be great but one of the best films of the year.

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00.19 – Sam Raimi to direct new Day Of The Triffids movie.
03.15 – Mark Wahlberg for The Crow?! The many people that Jez looks like.
07.19 – Mark Zuckerberg hits back at The Social Network.

10.22 – Burlesque – Christina Aguilera’s first foray onto the big screen. This looks like Showgirls 2
13.19 – Fred The Movie – One of the worst things in the known universe, an adaptation of a Youtube meme which made our eyes bleed.


18.28 – Alpha and Omega – Sub-par animation featuring wolves with haircuts.
22.23 – Legend Of The Guardians – CGI owls that we don’t give a hoot about.
29.19 – Africa United – Decent tale of three young African children trying to get to the World Cup opening. Tackles some suprisingly adult themes.
33.42 – Red – Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren try to prove that just because they’re old, doesn’t mean they can kick ass, with mixed results.
39.33 – Easy A – The best teen comedy of the last five years. Ohhhh yeah…

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